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7/8/2016 c3 Guest
Wow just wow nice job.
6/4/2016 c3 9Dossypet
haha nice! I like it, good read! _
5/25/2015 c3 Kiko
Martin I think the Ice cream van would be long gone by now LOL
this is too AWESOME no wonder it was in wksf1's faves
1/7/2015 c3 26wizwitch42
They never did...Anyway, I loved this, and I am looking forward to seeing more from you on here!
1/7/2015 c2 wizwitch42
And here's where I threaten to destroy Gourmand, but I think Chris has that covered for me. Honestly, you do not f*ck with one bro when there's a chance the other's able to be even slightly aware of it.
1/7/2015 c1 wizwitch42
Can I just say I found this before I watched the episode, and I was genuinely disappointed with what actually happened in the show? Because I love this version more! (Stephanie: It's because she loves the angsty stuff.) True...but I also love the protective brotherness in this! (Stephanie: Not a word!) Don't care!
11/28/2014 c3 11pixeljam
Cute story! I enjoyed it, especially seeing the intense care the two brothers have for one another, and seeing how far they'd go for one another, even threatening their enemies pretty intensely. Very well written, and a treat to read :) Good job!
9/2/2014 c3 jaymzNonoel
Wow this was an awesomely intense-y story with and awesomely funny ending! ;) Keep up the great work! :D
8/27/2014 c3 Guest
Nice story.
Would be cool to read more of these kinds... All the ocs-stories are kind of boring.
8/25/2014 c3 Mystery Guy
Is that the end of the story?
8/25/2014 c3 3IJ writes
Hehe, All is well that ends well.

Though I kind of wish they had turned him in to the authorities, Gourmand is too sneaky to let that ever happen. XD

Human cannonball. *shakes head* Martin, that just about beats all your other awesome physical achievements. XD

I'm actually really sad this is over. :( BUT I am also really glad it EXISTS. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF? XD Seriously, thank you so, so much for writing this, thank you so much for posting it here. *hugs you* This is simply an amazing fic.
8/25/2014 c2 IJ writes
Shiptease. Awesome use of native wildflower as disguise. Creepy Gourmand. Totally in character for all of them. Jillybean is safe! \0/

Just some of the reasons this chapter/story was/is awesome.
8/25/2014 c1 IJ writes
YAY, you put it on FF!

I love how clear your writing is! I can actually very easily visualize everything happening in the story as I read, and I especially like how Martin is completely in character. ;) his humorless smile as he sees Chris' backpack, picking the flowers with his tail just for the fun of it, being upset that the opossum instincts overpowered him, his internal thought process, it's all just so perfect! I hope you write more fanfics for Wild Kratts, because this is just perfect and awesome and amazing!
8/25/2014 c3 30Wild Kratts Super Fan 1
YES! You put it here on fanfiction! THANK YOU! *hugs* This is one of the best fanfics of the year so far! :D

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