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for What Was Ours

12/17/2014 c1 Guest
continue! im obsessed with the two
8/25/2014 c1 49KnightNight7203
This is a very nice way to deal with sorrow :) It's definitely what all of us have been doing . . .

Anyway, this is quite a good start! I haven't seen that many stories where Jack actually goes to Santa Fe, and I can't recall one where Katherine goes with him. It'll be neat to see them trying to start a life there together! And I think the characterization is fine, don't you worry! You're great at writing Jack's newsboy accent, that's really impressive! The only things I might offer an explanation for are how Jack is so quick to leave the other boys, and how he decides it's okay to ask Pulitzer for money. As long as you back it up, it'll be believable, I think.

Much love,

PS There are just a few -tiny- typos you might want to fix . . . don't worry about it, people find mistakes in my stories all the time. In the first paragraph, "belief" should be "believe" and you wrote "even though -spa- Katherine," I think that's a typo. Later, "amd" pops up once. Hope this helps! Can't wait for more!

PPS You also taught me a new word! Spurious - I really like that! Thanks :)

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