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for Do I Wanna Know?

1/2/2022 c1 29reallybeth
i know ive read this before, but i guess i didnt give it a review?

anyway, i just love this! and i agree, there ae so many of ron not handling things well, and almost nothing of hermione. thx for writing this perspective!
11/10/2014 c1 CarlaRock
The Rockadelicos Check this out!
8/26/2014 c1 2JeanAndBilius
Yeh, I love Ron, too! One of the best characters and I like your take on Hermione. I think they are a fantastic pairing, going so well together - it's nice to see story with a different view on them, rather than the usual depictions of Hermione being so-with-it and Ron not having a bloody clue! Great, really enjoyed it.
8/26/2014 c1 perfectlyimperfect18
brilliant story!
8/26/2014 c1 9ImperfectSystem
Nice fic,interesting view. Ron's a fascinating character.

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