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9/12/2014 c3 Guest
Just beautiful! Keep the chapters coming! Don't let it end too soon.
9/10/2014 c3 6SaltyPancake
awe cant wait for more :)
9/10/2014 c3 PelirrojaBiu
Oh, I loved this story! Please post some more, can't wait!
9/9/2014 c3 Katherine Brooke
Yes, yes, and yes again! I've always wanted someone to do this story and stay true to the book. Can't wait for the next chapter. I'm loving it!
9/9/2014 c3 6Scrivensabre
Absolutely gorgeous piece of work! Would love love love to read more from you. (Also..gah! My heart is dancing with joy :D )
9/9/2014 c3 Guest
One of the most well written stories I've read here in ages. Not overly flowery or descriptive. Just perfect.
9/8/2014 c3 5JennWithAPenn
Oh, Gil, and those kissable lips. My my, how the tables have turned! And Anne gets a little taste of what Gilbert had gone through for all to lose years. I loved her realization about what it feels like to be in love... definitely awkward and maddening . I loved how cute and simple this was... with the geometry and chatting and old chumminess returned, yet with a little spark that wasn't there before, at least on Anne's part. I loved the innocence of it all... very well done and not overblown.
9/8/2014 c3 22katherine-with-a-k
aarrrrgggghhh! the tenderness, the awkwardness, the ordinariness, the extra-ordinariness! i have to tell you, bertha, i was reading it while hiding under my sweater at the same time, peeping out by degrees and then hiding again. the whole thing was so overwhelmingly gorgeous i was blushing as much as anne. oh, you had their voices just right. "i shimmied down the drain pipe!" and anne, imagining she would run into his arms and declare her love. i just love this tender awakening, it really does their feelings such justice, i am sooooo happy that you decided to write about this. i foresee it will be a story where i forget where L.M.M. ends and you begin. thank you :o)
9/4/2014 c2 13Lilies of Avonlea
Oh this was so cute. Please write more.
Thank you
9/4/2014 c2 22katherine-with-a-k
chills... all the way down my spine. i could hear gilbert blythe's voice go right through me in that last line. i am so glad to read this, so glad that it bugged you enough to want to do something about it, it's such a pleasure to read. i loved reading about marilla and rachel, those quietly nursed feelings they both had about something gone wrong, the little details about exotic flowers and the poetry, and what i loved most, how their poetical anne had gone all prosey. such well considered, believable details that just feel right. i cannot wait for the next installment :o)
9/4/2014 c2 Katherine Brooke
Very entertaining and well written too. I enjoyed this immensely and hope to read more.
9/4/2014 c2 Guest
Amazing. I always found that last chapter in Anne of the Island so rushed. It's important to know how each of them felt at this time and you have explored that so beautifully. Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/3/2014 c2 5JennWithAPenn
Oooh, I am quite excited. You have the scene set and I can't wait to see where you go from here. Ah, for Anne to look upon Gil for the first time after realizing her feelings for him! I'm getting as giddy as Anne over here. Again with those darn gaps LMM left in these two chapters! I believe in the book, she finds out Gilbert is better, and then it jumps ahead to one of the many visits he had paid her in the meantime. I am so glad you're filling us in. And I really enjoyed how you described the difference in Anne over the last two years, and the way her spirit returned after finding out Gilbert was going to be alright. And of course Rachel and Marilla knew the reason for her distress all along... everyone knew it but her, didn't they?
8/27/2014 c1 JennWithAPenn
Welcome to Anne-land, Bertha! I hope you stay a while because I loved this! Your writing style is smooth and detailed, and you take us into the character's heads. I enjoyed the way you explored Gil's parents, mainly because I am exploring them as well right now and they really are blank slates. And I loved the nod to Gil's conceited younger self. (Favorite: "Anne had accomplished in one thwack what John had failed in several years of pleading.") And then there were the letters. Thank you so much for those. I've always wondered about Gil's turnaround with the fever... in the movie, Anne comes to see him and that is when he chirps up, but in the book, all we know is he received a letter around the time he got better... I am so glad you explored its contents. I absolutely adore Phil (reading but especially writing) and I was so happy to see that you got her just right in this letter. It was so classic Phil!... how the main reason she was telling him about Anne was because she didn't want to regret it down the road... and I love how blunt she is with him, and OF COURSE part of the reason was that she just loves to be the bearer of interesting news! Phil always could see through Anne, and often knows her better than Anne knows herself, doesn't she? Anyway, I am glad to hear you are planning more... Gil/Anne stories are my favorite! Welcome, welcome welcome!
8/27/2014 c1 22katherine-with-a-k
ahhhh, the loveliness of this, how you told me so much yet had me wanting more. i loved loved loved these insights into gil from his father's perspective. it was touching, hilarious (yes he was a vain little thing, can you imagine what kind of lad he would have turned out like if not for anne shirley, no wonder she hit him!) and so interesting. you held me from the first to the last. thank you so much for including the infamous letter, i truly enjoyed that, especially how phil compared anne's reaction after refusing gil with refusing roy -of course phil would have noticed that! that was super satisfying to read.
i really really hope you decide to write more, i have so much to learn from you and so much to look forward to. thank you thank you :o)
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