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for Super Six: The Quest For The Unlocked Portal

10/22/2015 c6 SSB
where the hell is olaf
6/13/2015 c1 Guest
I thought your story was great I loved every minute of it keep writing
2/22/2015 c20 Sir Ackbar
So I enjoyed where this story was heading the idea behind it was great. However there are some things that bugged me. For example when you wanted to show dialogue you used - or " which its alright to use either one just pick one and stick with it, continuity is a good thing to have in a story. I think you could have done more with the characters. Right at the beginning half the characters knew each other. I feel like just a few extra chapters to tell the story about establishing how Hiccup and Jack met really would have made the friendship. I understand you covered how they all met but show me how they met don't tell me. The ending was not really to my taste. Maybe it has to do with the fact its all fairy tales and I was looking for my happily ever after. I think it would have done the story well. Though keep writing, if this isn't truly the end(I'm going off of your Ending? You posted) I will definitely be back.

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