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1/16/2022 c36 Taschen
So I get that the picture complicates things between the various interpersonal relationships.
But in terms of custody of Lucy I don't see how it makes any difference.

They aren't married. So it's not like the photo is evidence of infidelity that would be a breach of a marriage contract. Legally, the photo and its implications of personal romantic entanglements of either parent, has no bearing on future custody arrangements. That they would eventually be seeking a custody agreement to begin with, as was Edward's plan, underscores the fact that they aren't together. So who he is screwing/hugging/kissing should have no bearing on a father's legal rights.

Even if they WERE married, infidelity is still not a factor in dictating custody. Infidelity is a factor in prenuptial agreements that include fidelity clauses. And it is used as a claim for seeking dissolution of marriage. But you can't use it as a reason to keep a kid from a parent.

Anyway, moot point since they aren't married anyway.

I really hope I'm speaking too soon and that this gets cleared up within the story line. And that they are freaking out because the characters are ignorant of the law, and not because the author is ignorant of the law. No offense to the author. But if this is treated as legitimate evidence regarding custody, that's a big gaffe.
11/28/2021 c52 13Elle Whitecap
Messy but such as life. I’m glad Edward got his girls
3/19/2021 c52 1divyvicki
Great story! Loved it!
3/19/2021 c50 divyvicki
Clean break is probably best. Let Bella be her mother!
3/19/2021 c49 divyvicki
That was nice!
3/19/2021 c48 divyvicki
he is right to not trust Bree!
3/19/2021 c46 divyvicki
Why would it be a problem that he has her? She is his child as well as Bree’s
3/19/2021 c45 divyvicki
sure hoping Lucy doesnt end up to be Marcus child and not Edwards
3/19/2021 c43 divyvicki
Im guessing that Bree has run with Lucy!
3/19/2021 c42 divyvicki
good of him to reach out to Emmett to test his actual feelings.
3/19/2021 c40 divyvicki
Good question!
3/19/2021 c39 divyvicki
so glad he thought to keep a log!
3/19/2021 c38 divyvicki
glad he isnt married to her!
3/19/2021 c37 divyvicki
Loved this!
3/19/2021 c36 divyvicki
That devious Bree!
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