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for Parrallel's volume 2

8/31/2014 c1 40ThePink1 at Reefside.Net
"Do you think he's setting us up, Corny?"
"I certainly do, Irmy," was the reply, while the blonde Guardian batted her eyes exaggeratedly at her brunette companion. The lot of Guardians - and one visiting Queen - all broke down giggling after that. "Right, what're we telling Yellow?"
"If Elly doesn't show herself soon, 'Randa's likely to think it's Courtney?" Irma smirked, pointing out the paragraph where Miranda thought of the qualities of a queen.
"Or Mandy," Will snickered, and the others laughed at the calculating look in her eyes of the possible fates that could await her main competition for Matt's affections. With that, the six clicked away to see what else their writer friend had posted.

Of frabjous day, Callou, callay! We chortled in our joy, yellow. Catch ya on the flipside, don't let Alchemy hit anyone else on the blind side (at least off-screen! ;D ) A j & friends.
8/28/2014 c1 nightmaster000
Yay it's finally here and it's off to a awesome story. Also there's no need to apologize i didn't mind waiting.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Miranda will interact and feel about not only the Guardians but other W.I.T.C.H character in this story.

I wonder how Cedric will react and think when he finally find's out why Miranda is so familar.

Great twist with Alchemy saving Miranda and finding out her origins. It's good to see a minor character get more spotlight than they had in canon. Haven't seen many stories where she gotten spotlight.

Do you have plans to pair Miranda with anyone. If you decide to pair her with a girl and make it a yuri pairing, any chance of pairing her with Will? I've become a fan of the pairing after reading the only story that has it Across the Universe.
8/28/2014 c1 9chaotic9
Yeah I remember the first one. It was an interesting change on Mirandas character as this one is so to. We can still see parts of the hardened girl that she was in cannon but with much less malice. And lets not forget that she had romatic feelings for Cedric while in here that is not the case, at least for the moment.

While I can see the familiarity to the actual episode you do put some diverging points, from the fight with Cedric and Miranda and Alchemy knowing the secret are for now the biggest changes, along side Miranda being infiltrated on Earth. And you even expand the background on Meridian society, particulary with Cedrics point of view. Funny thing though, I also have a story for WITCH called Kage and I also am exploring the racism on Meridian, particulary around shapeshifters. I wonder if you like me you will explore that with the Rebels, considering that Miranda is one of them it would be interesting seeing some complaints from the more racist members, you do have an opportunity to do that.

Very curious to see where you will go with this one. I am especially curious to see how different will be this story to season 1. Update soon if you please.

Just a side note. Just remember that it seems that there were more than one type of shapeshifters in the show, at least I counted three (Nerissa never counts since glamour seems more like a false image or illusion, Elyons parents I am not sure if they are shapeshifters or using glamour too, Galgheita or Ms Rudolph was a shapeshifter though): the Mogriffs, gargoyle like beings that seemed capable to assume the shape of any human (at least it seems that way), shapeshifters like Cedric that can turn to human but their real form is a monstrous one (I think Rudolph is that case too), or Miranda case that is very similar to Cedric except that her true form is the human one (at least that seems to be the major difference between her and Cedric).
8/27/2014 c1 2Heart of the Demons
Though this tale is told from Miranda's point of view, I'm glad you don't leave everyone else out. She'll have a hard time fitting in with humankind on Earth, and indeed she's gonna be facing many challenges. But, as long as she makes the effort, I think she'll be okay. Go ahead and keep writing this piece.

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