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7/11/2020 c21 Guest
This is a fantastic story, i hope you might consider finishing it.
5/9/2020 c21 3fezzesarecool1234
any chance this will be updated soon? this is one of the best dark obi wan fanfics i have ever read!
3/23/2020 c21 BadReader
Normally I dislike Obi-Wan centered fics since all they really do is either bash Anakin or imitate Vader, but this story is amazingly well done. His fall is original, and his way of existing is as well. All of his plans and actions take on a fairly unique and believable path. And is not over the top OP but gradual in his climb to power and corruption. Very nice. Your best Star Wars work, definitely.
10/20/2019 c21 3C.R.Marks
Well, I just say as a reader this is exceptional. Again, I found the flow and style were as smooth as anything else I’ve read from you. In fact, I think it is better the last two chapters. Just my humble opinion. :) I sure hope you return to it soon. Because I’ve been blocked on the last chapters of my trilogy for so long, I wonder if you might have insight...

Is it hard to move forward because some very large milestones were reached (Anakin’s confession, OBW and Palpatine finally coming face-to-face)?

Did losing your Beta impact your desire to keep writing this story? I have never had one, and wonder if that is the key to unlocking my block. I’d love to find one, but it’s difficult to find someone
10/20/2019 c20 C.R.Marks
I’m glad I didn’t know this was unbeta’d before I read it.

I say this because about half way through the Jedi Council confession session, I made a mental note that I was enjoying this chapter a little more than most. It seemed really natural and had a great flow to it.

I don’t know what that means, other than you do a great job self beta’ing. :)
10/19/2019 c12 C.R.Marks
Completely believable pacing - the greatest apprehension/tension comes from not knowing if OBW will ultimately fall. For me, it’s the question of whether or not OBW will hold out long enough to face Sidious, only to find he has to succumb to defeat him. Each time OBW encounters a hurdle, you do a great job pulling a little further on that elastic band, causing readers to wince in anticipation of the moment he will snap.

BTW - you’re right about acknowledging your Beta reader! I honestly never considered this, which is kind of embarrassing. Thank you, Windona!
10/19/2019 c6 C.R.Marks
Chapters 1 thru 6 tackled. So dadgum creative! That brain of yours must be firing on all cylinders day and night. ;)

I might go back and comment on previous chapters when I have time this evening. You deserve the effort from readers, as you put so much into your work.

And just my personal feelings on this: You go above and beyond responding to reviews. It’s really exceptional and I enjoy the “behind the scenes” and “insider” info. But your stories require a lot of creative energy and time. I really don’t anticipate a response unless I might say something that compels you to reach out. :) To me, that’s like sending a thank-you for getting a thank-you card. Anyone who reads your A/Ns knows you are grateful for feedback.

Just don’t feel obligated in my case. If I start thinking you’re over-extending yourself, I might have to start limiting my reviews, young lady! Hmm... I don’t actually know your age, so that’s either going to be a joke b/c you’re my age or older, or good natured scolding b/c you’re a youngling (relatively speaking). ;)
9/8/2019 c12 EMPFangirl02
His fall’s believable. It’s nice that he’s still got some morality and wants to cling to it, but we can see more and more of it slipping away. Glad he saved Feral though. That was sweet.
9/6/2019 c3 EMPFangirl02
Wow. This is really, really well written and so compelling. I feel Obi-Wan’s pain and I feel for him...

Which makes it so painful to read. I love it. It’s really good, but hurts to watch him fall into the dar side and think there’s no way out. I keep thinking of Vader and how it took Luke to save him, but who would save Obi-Wan if he fell? Anakin? But if it kinda turns out like Revenge of the Sith, but reverse, then even Anakin won’t be able to save him.

Which saddens me even more. Obi-Wan is one of my favs, so it hurts even more.

Amazing story though, especially to draw out this intense emotional response. Really good job. Loved your Hindsight series, and I’m sure this’ll be great too.

Have a wonderful day!

(P.S. Sorry I haven’t been signing in or reviewing your stories a lot. I’ve been binge reading this on my phone and it won’t let me sign in. I really do love your work though!)
3/4/2019 c21 6jayley
well, it finally feels like something good is happening for anakin here what with the confession and ahsoka...and just have to say that i love this story soo much! there are a few obi-wan falling stories out there, but it's usually a little bit off/doesn't make too much sense. i love your yours truly does, and how he skirts the line of what being a sith is, and what loving someone else is. he's basically a walking contradiction and the depth it brings to it is really well done!
9/27/2018 c21 4Atheist God
one of the best star wars fics I've ever read. Good Job
8/8/2018 c21 48reppad98
So, after reading the Foresight series I decided to give this one a try. And you definitely didn't disappoint! Wow, dark Obi-wan is really... scary in how calculated and logical he is, and through these chapters I can see how he's falling further and further and how he's getting more used to killing and doing bad things without feeling much remorse or much anything really. So you're doing that really well. The small bits in the beginning make me hopeful that he will, at some point, return to his old self, or at least be less dark again. And now that Anakin has told the Council everything I think he is in less danger of falling. Not out of it yet, but definitely on the right path. I do wonder when Padme's pregnancy will come into play, because I really hope that Luke and Leia will exist in this changed universe. And I'm very curious how Obi-wan's plan will play out. He has already gotten Sidious attention, although that wasn't really how he had wanted it to go, but he'll have to deal with it. And I'm also very curious what the Council is going to do with Anakin... But it looks like I'll have to wait a while before I'll get to know it, but I'll just patiently wait.
Thank you very much for writing this story, I hope you update soon(ish) and keep writing! ! !
8/7/2018 c21 13creativesm75
very good
8/5/2018 c21 60Celgress
Thanks for another great chapter and so soon.

I loved the Ahsoka parts. You write her very well.

Poor Obi-Wan only now does he grasp the full power of the Dark side (does best Return of the Jedi impression I can muster). Dethroning Sidious won't be easy. The old monster is so overpowered.
8/5/2018 c20 Apperatus
Thanks for bringing this to my attention with the update, looking forward to reading more once your other projects end (I'm always happy to know things won't end after a series)
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