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for The Maelstrom Saga

6/3 c4 WalkersCrown
you're right the namikaze were a regular civilian family
3/31 c24 Danny Williams
really great story about Naruto and Hinata and their journey for love.
Story has plenty of action, suspense and horror for all fans.
\Story could use more romance/sex scenes.
Story needs several updates to bring up to date.
3/29 c24 Guest
If I may rephrase one of my previous requests, please kill Danzo and that Fire Prince moron as painfully as possible! Keep up the good work and stay safe from the coronavirus!
3/29 c23 Guest
I personally think Zosui and his goons deserved what Naruto did to them. Keep up the good work and stay safe from the coronavirus!
3/28 c15 Guest
If I may make a request? Kill Danzo, preferably as painfully as possible!
11/4/2021 c12 somebody
you know there's just one MAJOR flaw in Danzo's line of thinking. IF any one person or group owned the Biju/Jinchuriki then it would be the Senju clan as Hashirama captured all the Biju and then along with Tobirama passed them out like party favors to the other villages so with Tsunade being Granddaughter to Hashirama and Naruto the Great Grandson of Tobirama that would mean that technically the biju would belong to them not the village no matter what Danzo thinks in his delusional mind lol
7/5/2021 c24 CW
Sorry to hear about the job, but thank you so much for keeping the fire alive in this story.
6/20/2021 c24 5jerniman
Great to see an update to this story.
6/11/2021 c24 darth56
this has been a great story to read thanks for the new chapter
6/9/2021 c24 15Leaf Ranger
Well, here's hoping those Kumo shinobi with the hell Storm are stopped from being able to use that. guess we'll see, won't we?

So the tide of the battle has turned in favor of KOnoha nad her allies. Good.

Keep it up.
6/8/2021 c13 layettejean
deidara: no le hagas caso a estos ignorantes no saben lo que es el verdadero arte cierto sasori no Danna

sasori: si el arte es eterno
deidara:Cómo que terno
6/7/2021 c24 47Wolvmbm
Fantastic update to this story as it is justified way to end this war while the villains are caught underestimating Naruto and his army. It is about time for Orochimaru to meet his end as is Danzo and his manipulation. Keep up the fantastic work on your wonderful story.
6/7/2021 c2 Deal With Itt
You made the black ppl have slaves and be into eugenics
6/7/2021 c24 Uzugod
Mate, well done. You are by far the best author (that I have read) in regards to politics and war, your approach is amazing! I also love how Naruto is a Duke and leads the clan (I am hoping he becomes Daimyo). And with my favourite pairing, NaruHina, this story is just the nearest to perfection. keep up the good writing.
By the way, I am sorry you lost your job
6/5/2021 c24 Guest
WHAT THE HELL!? Too many bad guys need to die for all the Crap they have pulled (mainly Orochimaru AND Danzo)!
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