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for The Maelstrom Saga

1/9/2020 c21 6NightOwl27
Love the details you’ve put into this plot and how you’ve developed the characters. The battles are awesome and I’m really looking forward to the revenge!
1/2/2020 c21 5jerniman
So happy to see an update to this story. Really enjoying it overall and I can't wait to see Hinata's fight. Also, looking forward to some creative ways of disposing of the usurpers as they plot.

Good work overall
12/25/2019 c21 48Wolvmbm
Amazing update as the battle rages all over. It seems that Hinata has a chance for revenge of her lost childhood and Danzo's betrayal is uncovered. Now I would wonder what will happen when the truth of Danzo's actions is revealed to all.

Plus what would become of Orochimaru's forces when Naruto and his allies are through with them ?

Fantastic update. Keep up your wonderful work on this amazing storyline.
12/20/2019 c21 darth56
thanks for the great story you are writing i can't wait till naruto gets even with the backstabbers and go to uzu and take hinata with him and rule in peace and have som kids again thank you for this story i love it and your writing a great story
12/20/2019 c6 Sypho Dias
OH C'MON! They should have delayed it a bit more and naruto could have learned hiraishin! Dang it!
12/20/2019 c2 Sypho Dias
Umm... I think it was the sandaime raikage that tried to kidnap hinata. A is his son. I dont think he would do such a thing...
12/19/2019 c21 dbtiger63
Hmmmm...not sure where this is going but it would seem IMPOSSIBLE for Konoha to win, enemies inside and outside the Walls. If this goes on too long, I may not care.

Happy Holidays

12/17/2019 c2 1Striker - Master Of Hearts
While I'm not a fan of Hinata being put into a breeding program, I know that this is your story. It is interesting so far.
12/16/2019 c21 15Leaf Ranger
Well, I'm really hoping the villains fail to capture any of Naruto's girls. The last thing we need right now is an even bigger hostage situation, that would just be...excessive, I think.

Unless Karin proves to be a traitor, but even then, still hoping. Guess we'll see.

Excellent fights, well done, keep it up.
12/16/2019 c1 neoslucius
recently rereading the story to find out what made me want to stick to the story.

on of the things that always annoys me is the thinking about minato's sense of honor. He would rather sacrifice his own child than anyone else. therefore it must have been his child to become the vessel of the kyubi.

Sadly this implies that he has a child of his own. Which is not given!

It would make more sense if the clan heads somehow knew about kushinas pregnancy from Minato. From that point they wouldn't know for sure about the truth, but the chance would have been higher at that point. After all a baby could just have died by a falling debris and Minato would have to pick an other child.
12/16/2019 c7 wolveseclipse0033
bro i was almost an anxiety attach on this chapter
12/15/2019 c21 jenuzumaki
Wow! Awesome chapter... can’t wait for the Dark and his legion to massacre Danzo and his allies. They infuriate me so much.
12/15/2019 c21 thor94
good chapter.
A lot happened.
But really hope you plan massive losses for the all the villains side, means for neo-combine, if you doesn't plan kill orochimaru during this battle, at least, have the fortress destroyed beyond salvation (excepted for technology benefiting naruto only), berserker, fourth raikage, jugo and kimimaro killed, naruto family rescued. For danzo group, have simply their bunker obliterated with hyuga elders, fire lord, roots and maybe danzo all perish (either by kurama or naruto firing ancor weapon before destruction right on the bunker and pass it for neo-combine attack)
12/15/2019 c21 Blizzard Blood Wolf77
I can only wonder how gruesome and bloody the massacre it will be when those in the ROOT shelter dies, all of them thinking that Kami has blessed them in their own greedy disgusting ways only for someone to just snatch it all away by ending their worthless lives with them never knowing when it'll happen.
12/15/2019 c21 anarion87
good chapter
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