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1/15 c26 3Yuzuki476
Oh crap things are going to get worse for shinobi world.
1/15 c25 Yuzuki476
Hell yes orochimaru and Danzo are dead.
1/15 c23 Yuzuki476
Love it kurama you genius.
1/15 c22 Yuzuki476
Amazing job hinata and everyone else.
1/15 c14 Yuzuki476
Poor karin.
1/15 c10 Yuzuki476
Mikoto you should tell sasuke the truth.
1/15 c9 Yuzuki476
Please update this interesting story soon.
1/15 c8 Yuzuki476
Good job with this chapter and am glad that naruto and hinata and uzumaki girls coming home to konoha.
1/14 c26 AvatarUzumaki
great chapter! but it looks like Naruto has another fight on his hands. poor guy he just can't catch a break. what will Naruto do? and what is jiraya thinking? is he really going to help the people that invaded his village just because they were betrayed? will they tell him the truth? that he was after Naruto for his tailed beast? is he really going to put his old students above his godson and village? oh man I'm excited to find out what happens next!
1/14 c2 BearGlitch
"They must know that they are to serve to Main house"

Jesus Christ man
1/14 c1 BearGlitch
"Same as always: tiresome, and love to quote from that lazy bastard: troublesome. "

Do you not have Grammerly at least bro? This hurts
1/14 c1 BearGlitch
This writing is so corny, hopefully the re-write gets better after this chapter
1/7 c26 5jerniman
A good read and I’m happy that it is being updated.
1/7 c26 15Leaf Ranger
Well crap...looks like they can't have a break, can they?
1/4 c26 Derick Lewis
I absolutely love this fanfic! Every month I check to see if it's updated and am disappointed when it is not!
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