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8/29/2014 c1 SPark681
Nice start looking forward to see what happens next so keep up the great work!
8/29/2014 c1 2SilentSambo88
Even though you may have beat me to successful adoption, if the original author of Namikaze of Cloud is reading this, I've actually thought about making my own version of Children of the Cloud for some time now, though it would adhere a bit closer to the first story, and would end up having lots of crack humor at times. Still, I'm glad you didn't let this story die.

The ending was pretty cute. However, I have a couple of nitpicks. First, your name for the Haruno councilwoman is incorrect. If we're assuming this is Sakura's mother and not a random OC Haruno, then her canon name is Mebuki. (Also, don't make Mebuki pink-haired; Kizashi was the one Sakura inherited her hair color from.) And second, you're using the wrong honorific for Naruto. Since he's only a baby right now, the correct honorific is -chan, not -kun.
8/29/2014 c1 Devilsinn17
Luv it can't wait for the next chapter :))
8/29/2014 c1 devilzxknight86
On a break from work. Read the first chapter awesome.
8/29/2014 c1 1Impstar
Well that IS different. Still, I like what I'm seeing, please keep it up.
8/29/2014 c1 drannakka
awww the ending was so cute(or kawaii if you must) that it makes you want to read more
8/29/2014 c1 3bcsclaymore
glad to see that someone adopted the story, and i can't wait to see where ya go with it.
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