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for When It Rains It Pours (Passions Continues: Season 1)

3/5/2018 c24 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear this dont look good darkside is getting close i hope tabitha and kay will be able to stop it in time please continue
2/28/2018 c24 13TerryGyimah
Death is inevitable and Kay can't stop that...Death has come to take Maria and really at this point what can Kay really do about it?

Vincent he said he is not only going after Eve and Julian his own parents but he is going after Alistair too...I sure as hell hope that Vincent is the one to put Alistair down finally for good or that it ends up being Viki

Either way Alistair's days are numbered because not only does he have Viki and Vincent both to worry about he has about half the town to worry about as well and not to mention the Dark Side as well because let's not forget that they are also after Alistair as well
2/24/2018 c23 TerryGyimah
The beast will come soon enough and when it does Harmony will be destroyed and everyone in it will be...why fight the inevitable
2/18/2018 c22 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear zombie charity is back and the world is coming to end how will they fix this what spell can they use to fix this and if the side of good and evil are both doom will they be strong enough to restore it please continue the story
2/18/2018 c21 TerryGyimah
If only that damn heart attack Alistair was having could have put him down for good...he deserves to die

So The Dark Side they basically brought Alistair back? It explains a lot as to how Alistair could even be alive breathing much less wreaking havoc on everyone

Alistair even if he tries to get out of his deal with The Dark Side he will die
2/16/2018 c21 smalltowncountryboy30
well i see now on why Alistair want stay dead he made deal with the devil will someone put him out of his misery i see good and evil will be in battle again with Tabitha being on side of good i am sure they will win and charity need to come into her powers to so she can help her cousins and Tabitha beat the dark side cant wait to see Tabitha reaction when she learn her nephew in town he after endora to please continue the story
2/16/2018 c21 wiccancharmedguy
this cant be good Alistair is on dark side team not good at all how can the darkside be back i thought they got rid of it in the series final epsiode of passion when tabitha was saved in the church tabitha need her powers back fast so she can fight alistair and the darkside off i hope the good witches like es emeralds will help tabitha this time around
2/7/2018 c18 TerryGyimah
I still can't even believe that Alistair is responsible for Paloma's accident but also that he pretty much hinted at the fact that he knows all about how Maria was conceived and that he also knows all about Noah's family that both Kay and Jessica are witches and that he knows all about what Kay did to come between Miguel and Charity like what else doesn't Alistair know?

Like can someone please kill Alistair God damn it?
2/7/2018 c19 TerryGyimah
Damien Lenox, Tabitha's nephew is just as evil well hell he is more evil than Tabitha ever was and that's saying something because Damien when he wants something done he doesn't use others to do his dirty work...he does it himself and seeing his form of dark magic is not only terrifying but it was downright terrible but great hell he is probably more powerful than Tabitha and Endora combined

Damien blinding Father Lonigan again...I can't say that that surprises me and then telling Lonigan that his spells are irreversible which means Father Lonigan is blind again so no amount of magic that Endora, Tabitha or anyone else can do will work...that's pretty evil especially to blind him again

Like God can someone please put Alistair out of his misery? Like he has been alive for far too long now...and honestly I thought it was great but now I am just borderline annoyed by Alistair being alive because his evil just makes him look cartoonish at least it does to me
2/5/2018 c19 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear this cant be good father longain blind again and endora cant reverse the magic this is bad but the story is getting wonderful i hope you conitnue the story i hope tabitha will get her power back soon she will need them so she can protect her self and endora from the evil that is about to come love this story
2/1/2018 c18 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear this cant be good darkside trying to return tabitha nephew is out for revenge and sam is tabitha son will sam be a warlock to and what about noah is he a warlock as well tabitha need to get her powers back fast i hope god and good witches will return them to tabitha they need help in there battle with the darkside please continue the story and write more
12/30/2017 c17 TerryGyimah
Beth is alive how is that even possible? We watched Beth die...she died in Rome when that train exploded when it crashed after a missile from the helicopter they were on hit the train Beth was on with Marty and her father Alistair...only Alistair and Marty survived but apparently Beth did too so if Beth is alive where has she been all this time? All these years Beth if she is alive where has she been? Why would Beth choose now to come back?

I mean Beth can't come back to Harmony isn't she a fugitive? If she were seen they would arrest her for kidnapping Marty along with a whole laundry list of crimes

Not to mention Marty he is back with his real parents Luis and Sheridan and Sheridan has Fancy and Luis' baby even though she doesn't even know it since Alistair switched babies...but Sheridan is with Antonio anyway and Fancy is with Luis so it makes no sense for Beth to go after her sister Sheridan...Beth can't go after her niece Fancy either so

Paloma her hit and run was caused by Alistair...I can't believe this...so Noah his wife is in a coma because of Alistair?

Julian and Pilar keep getting close to one another it is only a matter of time before Julian cheats on Eve with Pilar

Alistair he is a rapist he raped Liz decades ago and now he raped Kay Bennett when she was a teenager it is no wonder why Kay has multiple personality disorder it is no wonder why Kay has her alter Heidi...split personalities because of what Alistair did...the man is so sick and depraved

Alistair needs to die and I am talking now like right now
11/14/2017 c16 TerryGyimah
Alistair is evil personified right here but Picard wasn't intimidated not at all but still Alistair needs to go...he needs to die and I am talking right now! Why Alistair was even brought back is beyond me like I am just so sick and tired of him getting away with everything like not even having to pay for anything...almost like he becomes a one note villain he at this point is a cartoonish character a villain who should have never have been brought back to begin with
9/25/2017 c15 TerryGyimah
Seeing these flashbacks of Viki's it is a wonder why she is not more messed up than she already is...Viki was abused by her adopted parents the Chatsworths abused day after day night after night so much to the point where she created an imaginary friend well her other half that being Niki well wouldn't her other half be her "alter"? If that is the case then Viki she too would have a split personality

Alistair is trying to essentially turn his new granddaughter Viki into his own personal killing machine

Seeing Julian and Pilar turn to each other I mean wouldn't it be sort of weird considering Julian's mother Katherine ran off with Pilar's husband Martin? But also because of the fact that Julian's sister Sheridan is married to Pilar's son Antonio and Julian's daughter Fancy is married to Pilar's son Luis? I mean a huge bunch of incestuous webs here
9/17/2017 c14 TerryGyimah
Vincent knows that Viki is now his half sister Julian and Ivy's daughter now that he knows Viki is his sister what is Vincent going to do about it? Doesn't that change things for him going forward?

Angelica I don't understand why she would hide from her own granddaughter Jessica or Charity or her great grandson Samuel

With Charity being back in town I wonder how Miguel will feel about that?

Kay her split personality Heidi is talking to her again...what Kay needs is a straight jacket she is crazy

Julian kissing Pilar...I wonder how Eve will react to that? This will probably cause Eve to go running back to TC
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