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for When It Rains It Pours (Passions Continues: Season 1)

9/14/2017 c13 13TerryGyimah
Sam and Hank their mother Angelica Bennett is heading to Harmony...but wait a minute I thought Sam and Hank's parents were dead leaving Sam to raise his much younger brother Hank unless I am wrong

But if Angelica is Sam's mother that would make her Ethan, Kay, Noah and Jessica's grandmother it would make her Maria, Samantha, Samuel, Ethan Jr., Jane and Jonathan's grandmother

But Kay's visions her subconscious it has to mean that she has dissociative identity disorder she has to have a split personality especially if that part of herself is calling herself Heidi then what traumatic event in Kay's life caused this split personality to be born? It surely had to be when Kay was growing up

Damien Lenox seeing his power first hand being a wizard I was impressed

Noah and Paloma having a daughter and naming her after Sam...but isn't Jessica's son also named after Sam too? But hey Paloma sacrificing herself to save her daughter she was doing what any mother would have done so Noah his wife has been in a coma for 2 years now? If that is the case I wonder if any of Paloma's siblings have even visited her in the hospital like her brothers Antonio, Luis and Miguel? Or even her sister Theresa?
9/11/2017 c12 wiccancharmedguy
how can Tabitha be stirring up trouble again when she lost her powers what does Alistair has in store
please continue the story
9/10/2017 c12 TerryGyimah
Alistair thinks that he is invincible but he isn't...Viki ended him once before when she shot her own grandfather in the chest and we all thought that he died so what is to stop her from turning on Alistair yet again and ending his reign of terror once again?

Vincent, Julian and Eve's son teaming up with Spike it begs the question of which citizens Vincent will go after? Or who will Spike go after?

Spike and Vincent together can easily take out Alistair and Viki especially if they work together

Viki since she knows that she's a Crane Julian and Ivy's daughter why doesn't she just reveal her parentage to everyone? That means she is not only Fancy's sister she is Pretty and Fox's sister too and she is related to Ethan as well if you can believe that she is Ethan's half sister and she is Vincent's half sister too

Viki having the Crane mental illness it makes sense because her sister Pretty has it as well
8/27/2017 c11 TerryGyimah
So Chad is dead basically because this clone is not the real Chad? The clone is nothing more than a science experiment a lab experiment gone wrong basically he is not the real thing...he may have the same DNA as Chad but he is no Chad

Whitney last I checked was in New Orleans wasn't she? Both her and Simone moved there and TC he ended up moving down there as well didn't he not?

At the time of Chad's death wasn't Whitney pregnant with Chad's baby? Surely she had to give birth by now
8/27/2017 c10 TerryGyimah
So Jessica is back in Harmony? I wonder if she has hers & Spike's son little Samuel with her? With Charity being back in town it means that Kay's premonitions that she has been having will definitely come true now

With Spike escaping from prison and Vincent also escaping it looks like Vincent will probably hit Maria with his car and then frame his father Julian for it somehow

Chad is alive...that is a great cliffhanger but if Chad is alive how did he survive? Alistair shot his own son Chad in cold blood murdered Chad so how did Chad survive? Unless Alistair faked his own son Chad's death and has been keeping Chad captive but if Chad is alive then Whitney doesn't even know that her husband is alive hell Chad's son Miles has been growing up without him there...so how did Chad end up with a scar?

So Alistair is essentially brainwashing his own granddaughter Viki? Using a syringe I am sure that is probably to alter her mind brainwash her into being his assassin?

So Theresa her secret is that Jane really is Ethan and Gwen's daughter? If that is the case then that means Jane and Jonathan both are Ethan and Gwen's children but that means Ethan and Theresa still share a son they still have Little Ethan as their son don't they? Theresa if she wants to take her blackmailer's power away she needs to tell Ethan the truth because that has always been their problem...so Theresa needs to be honest and tell Ethan because if she does that then she takes away whoever's power and yeah it will hurt like hell to give up Jane but this needs to be done...Gwen needs to know that she has another child out there

But then again aren't both Gwen and Rebecca in prison? Last I checked both were in prison for the things they did so what difference does it make? I mean Gwen and Rebecca went to prison for framing Theresa for the whole tabloid fiasco but also because they were accessories to murder when Juanita tried to kill Pilar and her whole entire family but also accessories to the murders of Pilar's sister Maria Lopez and Pilar's nephews in Mexico so Gwen and Rebecca if they are both in prison they are not getting out any time soon so what difference would it make if the secret ever came out?

So I wonder if Julian is going to try to kill his own father Alistair again?
8/27/2017 c9 TerryGyimah
So Kay basically had a vision of the future? More like a premonition but just because it was a premonition doesn't mean that it will happen for certain but at the same time then again in Harmony visions that usually happen end up happening
8/27/2017 c8 TerryGyimah
So Alistair basically switched babies that is what you are saying? So Sheridan and Antonio are raising Fancy & Luis' daughter? If that is the case then where is Sheridan and Antonio's actual child? Did that child die? So then how did Sheridan end up with her niece Fancy's daughter?
8/27/2017 c7 TerryGyimah
So Alistair wasn't lying when he said he has been keeping tabs on his newest granddaughter Viki? I mean he essentially has been keeping tabs on her for years and now Viki she had or has childhood memories of Alistair? So now that she does I wonder if Viki will start calling Alistair "Grandfather" or call him "Grandpa" or "Grampy"?
8/27/2017 c6 TerryGyimah
So Alistair survived being shot by Viki? How does that even happen? So if he was hidden away in Europe by his henchmen then how could Julian not know? I mean wouldn't Alistair's henchmen be loyal to Julian especially if Julian is in charge running things so then wouldn't he have known that Alistair was in a coma much less still alive?

With Viki being Alistair's granddaughter Julian & Ivy's daughter that means in 2011 she would be 19 but then with her being a 19 year old being a Crane now I wonder if Viki will end up at Crane Industries? I wonder if Alistair will somehow make sure that Viki ends up there so that way she can be his eyes and ears at Crane and then it makes it easy for Alistair to stage a coup and take over stealing the company right out from under Julian?
8/27/2017 c5 TerryGyimah
Vincent is going to try to kill Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald, Kay and Miguel's daughter? I wonder how Vincent is going to pull that off he is in a prison for the criminally insane there is no way he is getting out of that hell hole especially given the fact that he was the costumed Blackmailer killing Rae and Dylan Flood the bartender committing arson also raping Jessica and his own sister Fancy framing Luis for all those crimes and then trying to kill his own Aunt Sheridan but also trying to kill Ethan and Theresa tried to kill Jared I could go on and on so how does Vincent expect to escape from that jail?
8/27/2017 c4 TerryGyimah
Viki I mean she did try to kill her grandfather Alistair in the past and she killed her own brother Fox so her trying to kill Julian I mean it makes sense given the fact that Julian he didn't even want her and neither did Ivy so with Viki being Julian & Ivy's daughter that means Eve is her step-mother and Sam Bennett is her step-father but then that means Fox was her brother and she killed him but then that means Fancy and Pretty are her sisters which means Vincent is her brother can you believe it? And Viki & Vincent worked together to kill everyone in Harmony at one time so then that also means Ethan is Viki's half-brother

I wonder how Julian and Ivy will react when they find out that Viki is their daughter that Alistair stole?
8/27/2017 c3 TerryGyimah
Well Endora she is a Crane isn't she? Then how come Endora she doesn't spend time at the mansion? I mean does Endora even interact with her father Julian or her step-mother Eve? Or does Endora even interact with her half-sister Fancy? I mean with Alistair her grandfather being alive again wouldn't Alistair try to take Endora away from Tabitha?

With Endora having powers I thought Tabitha had no powers anymore since didn't she give up being a witch? I mean Kay obviously has powers so I wonder if Maria has discovered hers yet?

So is this all a part of Alistair's plan to try to take back Crane Industries from his son Julian?
8/27/2017 c2 TerryGyimah
So Julian and Ivy are Viki's biological parents let me hear this right? If Viki is their daughter then how did she end up with Esme's family? Did Esme's family adopt Viki? If they did and Ivy gave up her own daughter for adoption then surely Ivy she would remember something like that because most women I know would remember if they gave birth to a child and then gave that child up for adoption and if Julian knew that he had another child out there he would have moved heaven and earth to track that child down and have him or her be a part of his life
8/25/2017 c1 TerryGyimah
How is Alistair alive? How did he survive? So Viki, Esme's supposed niece she is the one who is Alistair's granddaughter so then who is Viki's biological mother or father is she Sheridan's daughter or is she Julian's daughter?
8/10/2017 c10 MissingTheGoodoldays
Another great fanfiction. I can't wait for the next chapter! I read this awhile back, and will probably reread it to jog my memory. Keep up the good work.
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