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11/21/2017 c12 A-naan-ymous
This is quite fairly, an excellent story. It has an (at least pretty) equal amount of bothe Ed and Al, they are in character, and there's creative OC's (such as Tom), that are interesting but not that Mary/Gary Sue type of "interesting." Also, it's pretty uncommon to see a post CoS (for FMA), so it's pretty neat to see one that's here and good! Keep up the good work!
11/18/2017 c12 4exclamationpont
This fic is great! It actually has BOTH Elric brothers and both are in character! This is a treasure trove of fan literature! And Tom is great. Hope you keep us this great story!
- A-naan
6/19/2016 c12 KasaiAkuma
5/2/2016 c12 Ivy
I think u should keep going with this I mean it's a really good story and u are pretty good, at least better than me at writing things :)
3/17/2016 c12 Kuro
I really like this story. I find it hard to locate good HP/FMA stories that include Al just as much as it includes Ed, Al is usually a side character when he is with Ed or he is Ed's driving reason to get back to Amestris.
I especially like this story because it portrays Ed and Al's introduction into the magical world in a more realistic way than other stories. I always had a problem with fics where Ed and Al are just accepted in without concern of how the heck they fit into everything that is happening in magical Britain (I'm looking at you Dumbledore). Also the Brothers sometimes take magic way to lightly. I like how yours realize 'yes this is a different world so different principals apply' but they also take it with a grain of salt. That and the fact that they are eased into the idea rather than just thrown head-first into Hogwarts.
What I am confused about is the timeline. Conqueror of Shamballa was set in 1923 Germany. I'm guessing you already clarified this, but you moved up the date of it and changed the location to Britain right?
As for things for you to improve on... I can't tell if we are supposed to know the thing Ed knows and Al doesn't, or why it is the reason Ed doesn't want to go to Hogwarts. It is unclear and I can't think of anything it could be from the movie. Then again I could just be stupid... and to illustrate that stupidity, what was the implication in Ed's co-worker's comment? It kind of flew over my head...
And lastly, I think you should have more scenes in Al's perspective. Not really a critique on your writing...just something I would like to see more of.
Thanks, I really enjoy this story and can't wait to read more. 3
2/25/2016 c12 56Monica Moss
I still say that this story is different enough from other HP/FMA crossovers to be refreshing. It's well-written enough to hold my attention (with my ADHD).

The only thing I could really think of to improve on is actually a common problem in fanfiction by nature of it updating rather than coming out all at once: with any length of time between updates, readers tend to forget details. Of course, we readers can reread or continue on ahead while trying to remember the story to clear up our confusion over the forgotten details, but shorter stretches between updates and/or short recaps at the beginning of a chapter are really helpful on the writer's end.

Thanks for posting chapter 12. :)
2/13/2016 c12 1KeefaMighty
that... was... noiice
2/13/2016 c12 5Addie Lover of Stories
I really liked this chapter, but it's been so long since I read this story I had to go back and reread last chapter. X) Thanks for writing.
2/12/2016 c12 Guest
Your writing is still very good. It makes sense that Al is reaching out for connections to this new world, while Ed is trying to hold onto the special connection between himself and Al. They balance each other when they remember to trust each other.
2/12/2016 c5 Guest
Just for future reference its 'Quirinus Quirell'. This is great so far keep it up.
2/11/2016 c12 7Vanne-the-bookworm
I think your story is unique. It's nice to see that somebody gets the bond between Ed and Al. I think you've got Ed and Al's relationship down and I like how the plot is slowly deepening and developing. It's a nice change. I love how you didn't change what happened in CoS that dramatically. Anyway, I love your story so far. Great job and keep up the good work! ;)
2/11/2016 c12 12Mon Esprit Libre
brothers are nice :)
12/31/2015 c11 2Undistiguished Closet Writer
Hey I love your story so far! I like what you've done with it so far and I think Ed and Al's interactions are great. I'm pumps for whatever is going to happen next!
10/26/2015 c11 GoddessDana
Great story so far I cannot wait to see more! :)
10/18/2015 c11 5Addie Lover of Stories
I'm interested to see where this story goes. Though I haven't seen the original anime/movie, I do know generally what happens in it, still I might get confused on some things. I am curious though, will ed and Al ever interact with the golden trio or are they just hanging out in the same universe? Anyway, I'm enjoying it so far! Thank you for writing!
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