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for A Flame in Ice

7/7/2020 c1 tacomayor
I’ve seen a lot of stories with a ton of chapters and the same or less amount of reviews. You only have 3 chapters and over a 100 reviews. I think that’s a pretty good sign this is really awesome. You should really continue this when you get the time
7/5/2020 c3 tacomayor
Updated slowed down, you got that right. Geez it’s been a long time, hope you’re doing okey. I really enjoyed this fanfic, I’m really intrigued.
4/1/2020 c3 36NamelessSaint
Why hasn't this been updated?
1/1/2020 c3 Reader
When will you update again
12/16/2019 c3 Cloud209
This story has so much potential! I wish you would continue itI had fun reading the 3 ch you already wrote but I can’t stop feeling like I need more of it haha I hope you’re doing ok, it’s been a long time since the last update!
9/14/2019 c3 3AnchorV
I had to say your work was pretty damn good. It would be such a shame if you didn't finish this one. You got us here waiting and supporting you to finish this story
6/11/2019 c3 ghost3456
so that was a fucking lie
3/1/2019 c3 Guest
Wish you’d have finished
11/12/2018 c3 Guest
Please update!
8/8/2018 c3 12The Myth Rider
This story has me very, very intrigued. If you’re ever able to update it, I would be very grateful, and very excited to learn if my theories from that last chapter are at all plausible. I hope everything’s been well for you!
11/26/2017 c1 4Salnar
Would you continue this fic, please? Feisty and righteous Anna is so in character, but it's rare to see Elsa this much of a dick (no pun intended).
11/12/2017 c3 noeliaf87
Espero con ansias la continuación
1/23/2017 c3 Idk
This story is great! Please upsate soon
12/27/2016 c3 1RenaNiemand
Its a really interesting story, i wonder whas under the paint of Elsa's face. If Anna didnt snap her that hard why was there blood? Elsa is obiously hurt under the paint... and that only makes me think of the two faces from batman omg... i imagine that no matter what, Anna could fall in love with Elsa but it stills hurts to imagine Elsa in pain... i hope we can read more in the next chapter!
6/15/2016 c1 Seabiscuit
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