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8/31/2017 c1 James Birdsong
Good fic obviously
2/23/2017 c1 42xenon3000
This is an excellent way to build on the original story. If this had been included in the actual movie, it would have been a much better movie.
7/19/2015 c1 75roxygoth
This was funny andcute at the same time. Roxy
1/13/2015 c1 8KhallieGurl

I've been looking for some Snow White feels/fluff for a few days now. Most of them were with the Prince, a couple were with the dwarves but not in a satisfactory way, and then I finally clicked on this little gem and I got BOTH.

It's so hard sometimes to find fanfic writers who can do "canon" dialogue, but you're very good at it. Snow White's little "Oh dears" and Doc's stammering (I love that you only did it the once, too; it was acknowledged but not an impediment to the story), and of course the Prince you mostly had to make up, but he had dialogue befitting that of an olde-timey tale Prince. Simply fantastic.

I wanted feels mostly on the friendship level when I began, but I got it there and on the romantic level here. The Prince is adorable, I can see the dwarves caring for Snow White (them beating up the Prince was honestly hilarious, and your description was so delightfully cartoony). This was so satisfying.

So again, THANK YOU.
10/28/2014 c1 52LeelaSmall
This is the first time I've read a Snow White fanfic, and I can honestly say I was not disapointed. I love how you were able to capture everyone's personalities just perfectly. Good job!
8/31/2014 c1 666arashi wolf princess
I really enjoyed it and its cute
8/30/2014 c1 vampygurl402
Good fic!

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