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1/20/2017 c3 9AutumnLeaves03
This story has so much potential! Please don't abandon it!
9/10/2016 c3 Myridia5632
I'll give you the same thing as I gave the others. It's been A YEAR since this has last been updated! Finish the story already, good stories should not have been ABANDONED like this one.
6/2/2016 c3 2Katkatperson
i like this I hope you carry it on :)
4/16/2016 c3 LoveGoodBooks
I REALLY love this story! Can you finish it Please? Maybe you could cover chapter s on Alex recruitment; maybe MI6 looking into him being missing n thinking he's kidnapped n this search raising red flags with cherub; along with Alex's awesome skills standing out; n one chapter of CHERUB finding out his past n having blunt fired n Alex having finally found a new place were people understand him n him later going on to join SAS or head MI6? Just some ideas! :)
1/1/2016 c3 Guest
This is amazing
I really hope that the next few chapters are up soon as I can,t wait to read them.
12/18/2015 c3 Guest
Ahhhh! Keep updating and stop taking so long, I really want to read the rest of the story.
10/22/2015 c3 Guest
Yay! Update soon please?
10/7/2015 c2 Guest
I really love this story so please don't stop updating. It's very unrealistic which is why I love it so much, update now!
7/13/2015 c2 Guest

4/4/2015 c1 2Emmie Fine faerygirl
I don't think Glasgow has state schools as would it not have to be state. It would be a public school but not like those ones that say its public yet on rich kids get in. Probably just a non-uniform school. Though when I've been Glasgow all the kids I saw were in school uniform. As there is a St Patrick’s Primary School (Roman Catholic school) I thought it would be a good idea to send you the dress code.
School Uniform
Our uniform was agreed in consultation with pupils and parents. It is expected that
all children attending Saint Patrick’s Primary School will adhere to this dress code.
The school uniform is:
• Green pullover OR sweatshirt OR cardigan
• Grey tailored trousers or skirt
• White school shirt or blouse with school tie
• White polo shirt
• Green blazer OR green fleece OR fleecy waterproof jacket
• Green or white tights OR white or black socks
• Green shorts and gym shoes or trainers for PE
• Black school shoes
St Patrick's School uniform can be purchased from the Trutex Schoolwear Shop at
35B Argyle St (at the back entrance to Argyle Street Station, across from the St
Enoch Centre).
You may also buy on-line from .uk
School ties, blazer badges and green gym shorts are available to buy from the school
PE Kit
It is important that pupils come prepared to learn and for PE this requires appropriate
clothing. All jewellery MUST be removed. Pupils who are not participating in PE
must have a note or a medical certificate. Pupils who are unable to participate in
practical PE should still bring their kit to allow them to assist in the lesson by
refereeing, keeping scores or assisting with the distribution of equipment. This
ensures that they are still able to take part in some way in the work of the class and
do not miss out on the knowledge and understanding of the course.
There are forms of dress that are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing
• Potentially encourage factions (such as football colours)
• Could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans)
• Could cause health and safety difficulties (such as loose fitting clothing,
• Could cause damage to flooring
• Carry advertising particularly for alcohol or tobacco
• Could be used to inflict damage on other pupils
Clothing & Footwear Grants
Parents/Carers on low incomes may be entitled to monetary grants for footwear and
clothing for their children. Information and application forms may be obtained from
schools and at
. ?articleid8629

Sorry for bothering you if you were just making a school up but there is a real school with that name and they do have a uniform with what seems like the rest of Glasgow and Scotland after Girls wearing inappropriate clothes. Such as short skirts. I am planing/writing my own story but I've only posted one chapter which will be edited again in the future but I have other bits and pieces written. Also in case you are English they have changed the grade system recently in case your story is set now instead of 2002/2003 and you are going to mention the grade system.

Ps. yes I know my spelling sucks in case Google's spell check thing didn't pick up my rubbish spelling. Also the kids in my area use a lot of slang. Like I think its spelt 'Dingy' or something like that which is said to you when you ignore them. I get it a lot because I cant be bothered answering their idiotic questions. Though that's high school kids for you. Making up their own words.

Your story keeps changing tense. You have wrote '"Nope" I replied' then 'Lacy brought Alex to a room'. Also who asked a question that was mentioned here 'Well I guess that answers the question'. It is between to lots of speech marks yet no one asks any questions from what I can see.

Also having Alex be 9 at the end of Scorpia Rising seems a bit hard to believe as its hard a 15 year-old Alex wont be permanently scarred by his experiences but also that he would be able to survivor these missions. These missions would have be given to him and they would most likely think he wouldn't return (I don't remember the name that these missions should supposedly be called) only for him to return against all odds. That is why if these stories were real he would be given the missions and not the CHERUB's as they have their board that their missions have to go by first after kids were killed in the past. These missions would in no way pass the with the boards approval so MI6 decided to look else where for their missions. Alex could easily become a Blackshirt if they found out he had done two of those missions.

I dont know if you have read Russian Roulette or the Henderson's Boys series or even all 16 CHERUB books or all 9 Alex Rider books (though most like you have read all 9 as you have mentioned the ninth one) so I would recommend reading them. And in case you don't know CHERUB stands for Charles Henderson's Espionage Research Unit B. It is mentioned in Chapter Thirty-Eight of Secret Army, book 3 of the Henderson's Boys series.

Sorry if you think I'm being mean in any way with my criticism but I don't mean to be.
12/17/2014 c1 9seth 8627
Have this one burn down in true Alex fashion or get blunt fired and Jones instated. Her 'humanity' gives Al the chance to pick a place of his own (So she may slide him into MI6 for the future). Keep going it sounds interesting
11/13/2014 c1 RandomDude
You can't stop there! You're not allowed!
It's brilliant; all you really have to do is have Kyle refer Alex to the leaders at CHERUB; at which point Alex will probably go a little crazy over the fact that MI6 lied to him about there being no other child spies, CHERUB will go crazy over the fact that MI6 blackmailed an 8 year old child into doing work that got grown men killed, and MI6 will go crazy over the fact that Alex spilled the beans.
That and, after so long trying to get out from under MI6's heels, can you really see Alex willingly go on a mission? You could have it that he stays because of inter-agency co-operation and that one of Smithers' assistants provides tech to help CHERUBs missions. While the other CHERUB agents get annoyed about the fact that he refuses to go on any missions until SCORPIA get involved.
Actually scrap that last bit; SCORPIA's dead, it says so in the last book, and the only thing you seem to have changed is his age, so you could have it that he finds proof that Yassen is actually alive, (simply another thing Blunt lied about) but that CHERUB believes, rightly, that he is dangerous and trying to kill someone. They simply don't know how dangerous and Alex buts his way in, to their disagreement, sneaks off and joins them on the mission. Simply pick a group from the CHERUB books; or make your own. How about a drug lord, and he works as an enforcer?
The only question you've left unanswered so far is what happened to Sabina? I'd imagine that she still goes with her parents to America, and that they probably tried to take him with them but were blocked by MI6 and went anyway.
And in case I'm overstepping my bounds, I'm simply saying this because you uploaded this in August, and it's now November; it's not a very long time but, most people update a lot faster than this, and I didn't want to see this sit here for the next 5 years not doing anything.
11/15/2014 c1 1BatFink
This is a great start. Just a few things though.
How old is Kyle if Alex is 9?
Won't Alex have to wait a whole year before being able to do basic training?
Did Alex meet Sabina and if so how? because ball boys/girls have to be over a certain age…
Did Alex do everything he did in the originals or only a few missions?
Please keep writing!
9/28/2014 c1 2chimpy888
Can't wait to know more :)
9/17/2014 c1 Guest
I realy liked the beginning
I think I can imagine how Kyle will react to Alex; let's see if I am right

Wow 50 pence per week... It's like 0,65, or?... I definitely wouldn't like to stay there ;)

Keep on writing!
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