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for Ambrosius-051

6/6/2019 c3 roninmaster2004
Please continue!
9/19/2018 c2 1axel100
Awe! The story of a girl and her two pet hunters!
12/1/2016 c3 5Kinaki747
Definitely faving this story. :)
3/3/2016 c3 Guest
Dude this is a good story. Y u no update it?

P.s the hunters are the greatest
2/2/2016 c3 2gold crown dragon
whare is the hunter did they disperse to worm
12/7/2015 c1 25Cmdr. Gen. Marasco
So...basically...Remnant just received at god.
WELP every Grimm on the planet's screwed! EXCELLENT.
8/19/2015 c3 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
Please update, I love it so far! Keep up the good work!
6/7/2015 c3 Guest
MOAR! Awesome story dude!
4/27/2015 c3 trninjakiller
Too bad this story is abandoned.
4/24/2015 c2 Captain Sicairus
A sticky gun Barrel? What are you referring to with a room full of 15-18 year old Girls?!

Captain Cato Sicairus, Ultramarines 2nd Company.
3/24/2015 c3 Guest
Not to be rude or anything, but are you gonna update? I mean, its been half a year since this one was updated.
3/6/2015 c3 spartan-140
Don't. .story.
Whatever you don't stop, I mean a Halo Fanfic/cross. Wiht KURT of all spartans!
He is by far the most well developed side character in the Halo (novel/book)series(in my opinion)
I mean the ending in Ghosts Of Onyx was badass and sad at the sametime, I'm just glad someone read it and decided to make a fanfic about him, I mean-well-damn!
Only 3 chapters, but so far so good,
"Fav. And Followed" :)
1/26/2015 c3 12Yoshtar
I've been trying to write this exact scene with a different space marine, and you've just blown my weeks of effort out of the water...
Good job, and I hope you don't mind if I pinch a few bits.
1/14/2015 c3 3Teleos
Ermmm... You may want to take this chapter down again, fix up the few mistakes, and also, he should know about the Covenants that came with him to start with. Remember? He threw his knife? Also, wouldn't the scientist and/or medics have studied the Biofoam? You are also forgetting that if he will most likely be dead by the time the UNSC reaches him, what's the point of making up his story? If he reveals any classified info, it's not like ONI will be able to get on his back! He's in another galaxy! You need to think about those kinds of things. And you need to make another chapter :[
1/1/2015 c3 2TheLaughingSkulls
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