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6/27 c7 GBTtown
Really good story! Like the Lara/Harry connection and hope to read more.
5/22 c7 Guest
This was really good! Also enjoying Shadow Of Angmar!
5/22 c7 Guest
This was really good! Also enjoying the shadow of Angmar!
3/7 c7 Caballucci
I Would Love to see this Story be updated but ir seems its not going to happen. Just Love it
2/21 c1 Guest
How can he lose all his gear and supplies? You wrote that he carried them in his moleskin pouch, but wasn't the pouch attached to his belt or something? I know i'm nitpicking but the assumption that a wizard (btw, if he spent years cursebreaking and exploring, you can't call him a normalish wizard) can lose his most precious belongings by falling from a height to a body of water is just stupid.
2/8 c7 Guest
good sor
1/29 c7 1Big Slippins
at this point I feel like harry should just shoot a killing curse at hugo bigman here, just remove the threat
1/10 c7 AvengerLE
Awesome story. Would love to see more chapters!
1/3 c7 karmakrosvik1
Good story
12/25/2020 c7 TheMostPeculiarSerb1995
Are you going to update this one? It is wonderful!
12/24/2020 c7 ev11
While this story is quite clearly in the past for you as an author (compared with your currently updating works) it’s still a very enjoyable romp through a world with a very believable Harry who never quite grew up while also managing to grow apart.
There’s almost something tragic about it, but I also can’t help but be drawn into the world you’ve set up.
I’ve spent more than a few evening imagining the shenanigans our two plucky protagonists could get themselves into as they grow closer and stronger for it.

So even if we never see another word on it, I wanted to let you know that these were some good words!
12/21/2020 c7 Varigonx
It has now been over five years since you posted the last chapter
11/11/2020 c7 George1892
This may be a niche fic but I've really enjoyed it. Hope you find a workaround for that nasty proper-job thing. They do make a habit of eating up your time!
10/10/2020 c7 186Virodeil
I wish you wouldn't end it at a cliffhanger. Well, I know about Tomb Raider only from another HP/TR fic, really, and I admit I skipped a few things in this story in hope of getting to the good parts - good according to me, that is, personally - but I still would like to know more about what'll happen. Hopefully you'll be inspired to continue it someday, and not all the ship's crew are dead. Lara would be quite in a bad place, if so...
10/3/2020 c7 Dr Stranger
Great story that could only be improved with more chapters. Please.
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