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5/5/2015 c6 The Shadows Mistress
good stuff, enjoying the story
5/5/2015 c6 nad destroyer
Finally was wonderin when you were going to update this or Shadows. Your Harry Potter/Avengers story doesn't really appeal to me. I actually reread Shadows earlier today.

I really need to play the more recent Tomb Raider game. I've only played the one for PS1. Not much to say about the chapter besides good job. Everything flowed smoothly. Kept me invlolved while I was reading. Only thing that irks me is that ciffy man. Why? Darnit lol.
5/5/2015 c6 HaywireEagle
The weapon the general carried is called a Kanobo if you wish to be precise.
5/5/2015 c6 anon
So glad you updated! I may not review all the time, but I've been reading this since the beginning!
Well done! And I... hope to see some Harry/Lara lemons... cough
5/5/2015 c6 5War Sage
Great chapter
5/5/2015 c6 3james.wylie.guerra
Cool chapter, I look forward to seeing where you take this :)
5/5/2015 c6 Darksnider05
Curious how your going to write this and give Lara the experience she needs without her having to hang on to Harry.
5/5/2015 c6 2ArthurShade
3/24/2015 c5 2Caelleh
I loved the newest Tomb Raider, and I love Lara. Your story really captures the nature of the the game, where the protagonist is in over their head and is struggling to keep control. It's engrossing, and it captivates me and keeps me wanting more. Sure, Harry's magic helps a lot. But he's still limited by his inexperience, same as Lara. Even if he can be considered a sort of war hero and veteran, he wasn't really portrayed as a duelist or a survivalist or a warrior of any sort in the books. So I like it, even if I hate seen Laura or Harry hurt.

I look forward to reading more.
3/12/2015 c5 NoOneInParticular17
Well here's another one of your weak and unskilled Harry Potter stories. Why am I'm not surprised.

I give up on your stories man. You obviously don't like component main characters (and, for the life of me, I can't understand why) and you have some resentment to the main character having any power whatsoever.

I wish you luck with your stories, but I won't be reading any of them anymore.

3/4/2015 c5 Renzo7
Nice story so far! I look forward to reading more of it.
3/3/2015 c5 3doubledamn
Interesting, I'm more a fan of the classic Tomb Raiders, though I was always more of a mystic kid, the whole 'Dinosaurs being alive' thing while cool, I found a bit stupid.

Anyway, great so far, I can't wait for more and PM me about the Challenge. If you don't want to do it, or don't have the time, suggest it to someone else.
2/27/2015 c5 1EliteShadow
cool story so far please update and post more soon!
2/25/2015 c5 Narutohokage
Plz update quickly
2/25/2015 c1 Narutohokage
Nice start
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