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3/7/2016 c7 MrFizzySodapop
Hey mate, loving the story. Happens that I'm a massive Tomb Raider fan (as of the release of this game, and now the new one, Rise of the Tomb Raider) and you happened to combine it with my favourite fandom.

Anywho, you've mentioned that you may not be updating this story much as it was your first and you kinda' rehashed the game.. which you are. But you're doing it well. I enjoy the characterizations between Lara and Harry. Granted, you could probably describe the scenes a little better (you're lucky I enjoy the game so much, I don't need to rely on myself to imagine too much).

Also, you might be hashing out the whole overprotective Harry thing a bit, and you touched on making Lara stand out independently again, which yeah, absolutely. But overall I like where you're going, plot wise.

Also your grammar and all that's pretty good, not much in the way of jarring mistakes. Can't remember any big ones, really. So you've got that on your side as well.

Keep writing! Even if it's not this story (secretly hoping it is).

2/5/2016 c7 I. P. Frealy
Does Harry know fiend fiendfyr?
1/24/2016 c5 myafroatemydog
Another great chapter
1/24/2016 c4 myafroatemydog
Another excellent chapter. Harry adds a great new element your this story.
1/23/2016 c3 myafroatemydog
Another excellent chapter. On to the next chapter
1/23/2016 c2 myafroatemydog
Another excellent chapter
1/22/2016 c1 myafroatemydog
Interesting first chapter. Would be a pretty unique pairing. Can't wait to see where you take this.
1/18/2016 c7 20thepkrmgc
its good that harry knows that discretion is the better part of valor, and while i doubr harry's ever going to get over his "saving people thing" at least hes recognising lara as a equal partner
1/18/2016 c6 thepkrmgc
you cant go through expereneces like this unchanged, or unconnected to those traveling beside you
1/18/2016 c5 thepkrmgc
hopefully harry wont loose his wand again, but the potential is definetely worth noting
1/18/2016 c4 thepkrmgc
harry's hero complex has always managed to get him in trouble, its good to see that lara could return the favor and rescue him in turn
1/18/2016 c3 thepkrmgc
trying to explain a completionist run in literary terms would get obnoxious, its good that they are being cautious though
1/18/2016 c2 thepkrmgc
its good that magic doesnt make things too easy, it is many things but subtle is not one of them
1/18/2016 c1 thepkrmgc
ive never played a tomb raider game, but i can totally imagine adventurer!harry getting stuck on an island
1/10/2016 c7 Biblio388
Very cool. Never looked at a TR story before. Certainly is an interesting read. Will have to look at what else you have written as well.
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