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for Pokemon: Aura of Life

8/8/2015 c3 1Synchronizer
Great story
8/7/2015 c3 2Noskillsy
Nooooooooo. I feel so bad now! All I had read was Shadowed Destiny, and I didn't even read this! Sorry. (Sad face) Anyway, since its been a year since this has been updated, I probably won't expect any chapters soon. But I'll favorite & follow, just in case! It's a good story too! :)
3/2/2015 c1 DarkxxPie
Yay! A whole family of authors to be. I admit, ur stories are strange, fox, but pretty good. Look forward to more.
9/6/2014 c3 25CloudSkylark18
Very nice. I can't wait for the next update
9/6/2014 c2 CloudSkylark18
This is pretty good, can't wait for the next chapter.
8/31/2014 c1 CloudSkylark18
Just letting you know you put crowded instead of crowned, and Lucario only has four appendages.

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