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4/27/2019 c3 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder what great thing is her new path if divinity intervened?
10/28/2018 c3 Kimmiekitten75
More Please Hon!
6/4/2018 c3 1Lord Grise
I enjoyed this; any chance you might pick it up again?
12/31/2016 c3 1Araytigre
Ohhh I Like this one, it has a Ton of promise, even after reading this little bit (less than 5K). Hopefully, this Albus isn't the MOB (Manipulative Old Bast... well you get the idea) that he is in all too many Fics. Obviously, the Star-Eyed had something to do with her transportation here, as She would've been the only one that could have bypassed their wards so easily, and to Them in particular, even if it is so far from the Plains. BTW, I so see Heather/Frostfall bonding with a certain Snowy Owl (whether she'll be named Hedwig or not is another story, lol) in the somewhat near future. Now, as to what type of Adept that she'll be is up in the air, and what Firesong will do with Tom's Horcrux will be fun to see too. I do hope that your muse will allow you to continue this one someday. Thank You. TTFN
11/14/2016 c3 Guest
Please update soon
8/1/2016 c3 Guest
Please update soon
6/24/2016 c3 Jack Vander
You do a good job describing things like other things, I found this cause you commented on Harriet Matiern and the Wizarding World
12/5/2015 c3 Tristi Lynne
Great story. Please continue soon
9/6/2015 c3 loretta537
this is a good story, i hope to read more soon
12/3/2014 c3 carick of hunter moon
This is good story start, to help with ground information for Misty Lackey Valdemar story’s, Search (type in) Wikipedia Velgarth or use link wiki / Velgarth remove spaces, but Fem Harry is not Really Harry Potter so keep him male, but I do look foward to seeing Hegwig the bondbird
10/3/2014 c3 Guest
Yaya y finally a story with the hawkbrothers! I could so totally kiss you right now!
10/3/2014 c3 Dude
10/3/2014 c2 Dude
Tyrsell is cool.
10/3/2014 c1 Dude
Interesting concept.
10/2/2014 c3 Chief Minion
Nice so far.
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