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4/14/2021 c3 6era-romance
too bad u left it here
5/11/2020 c3 2AnimeLover229
Please update, this is a great work.
1/1/2020 c3 Carol542
Love it please continue this story when you have time and can
7/23/2019 c3 Yuuki Heartfilia-Dragneel
Oh goid god that was beautiful and lovely hope you update more_
11/12/2018 c3 MarlinMagic
aaaaay I'm back again begging you please come back! i fukin love this and i NEED more
3/2/2018 c3 queen-at-d-throne
Please continue on this wonderful story...
1/20/2018 c1 MarlinMagic
and why hasn't a great story like this been updated in 3 years?!
12/13/2017 c3 Shadow Wolf 15846
9/28/2017 c3 6miu.sakurai.73
6/15/2017 c3 Ndy
OMG! This is bloody fantastic story ..you got a really gifted mind dear author! Hope you will continue this.. worth to wait!
3/23/2017 c3 firecaster-hikaru
like your story but if i were to choose who kyoko gets to be with, it would be ren/kuon as he sincerely loves kyoko and wants her to be happy. besides that kyoko was given a chance to be happy in this new life so i hope that she still has magic so that she can use it for herself without the wand as i always see it as a handicap to control people. also i hope kyoko gets help from lory and the others since she told them the truth and they will not only help her but also have someone manage/bodyguard her as well as teach her.
2/28/2017 c3 Rin Medeis
I love this! I really hope you continue.
1/28/2017 c3 afaineant
continue please
12/7/2016 c3 3OnikoKuroshio
Okay i was really weary about this story but when I read it it was really good! And even though you haven't updated in almost a year I would really like to see it continue so when you have the chance please please PLEASE update! It's an amazing story and I can really see it going somewhere
9/24/2016 c3 1Lord Weiss
This is really good and interesting.
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