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9/23 c51 Guest
I absolutely love this story. So glad I checked back in on the foz fanfic works and saw this had several updates. I'm sad for Louise but then I've always been bummed about Serrana s divorce and that she didn't somehow come with. And wondered what to think about Henrietta and Kirche in light of that. Maybe Louise and Kirche can find even more in each other?

Great writing!
9/24 c51 Etokaiten
I'd absolutely love to give this story a proper review, but I'm short on time, and probably won't come back to it for a while, so I'll settle with saying: that people like you are one of the main reasons why it's absolutely worth it to slog through the literal tons of mediocre fics to find those shining diamonds. You're doing great fam, keep it up.
9/16 c51 1Adam Safran
Binged this fic after seeing it recommended elsewehre, having an amazing time reading it! Very fun, very great characters, and great twists!
9/13 c51 29Engineer4Ever
That was a hard talk, and mostly I just want Karin and Lil Dragon to have their talk. karin and Hen really made a monster, huh?

Still, so hyped your back and whats to come next.
9/12 c51 Lasse2731
it's so nice that louise and henrieta are friends again and i'm looking forward to seeing more
9/10 c51 Lordgoth
Pretty damn great!
9/10 c51 1darth tobias di ryuvia
gloriously written as always
9/10 c51 ElPsyCongroo
I like the story a lot, its really good but can we please never have to have another Isabella POV she is insufferably to read as a character and whenever its from her POV I just want to skip.
7/23 c27 Visual Bliss
One thing I've noticed... Louise is dragonborn (obviously lol) and been in Skyrim for some time in her perspective and yet she struggles sometimes when she really shouldn't was her power weakened? Or is this a crackfic treated seriously? I honestly can't imagine zero zukaima being comparable in any way to Skyrim nor the rest of tamriel
7/23 c16 Visual Bliss
Ulfric and Louise sound great together lol they are both easily manipulated
7/6 c12 Guest
...Not sure what exactly happened between the previous chapter and this interlude. I guess it's a big time skip, all things considered?

Doesn't help that I'm not quite sure what exactly happened in Louise's crazy adventures in being drunk.
7/6 c9 Guest
Ah, the benefits of M'aqi. It could be completely canon, without any of it being actually true. Gotta sort out the relevant, and the meta references. All kinds of silliness.

Though it would be pretty hilarious if Louise ended up messing up the Dragonborn's entrance to their own story. Their fate seems to have been Voided, like a bad coupon.
7/6 c50 Lordgoth
Pretty great story so far. I'm also curious for the Skyrim side of things too.
6/16 c50 Guest
Well, looks like I ran out of story.

A couple of questions/comments from earlier in the story...
Is 'Padomanic' (~ch34) a misspelling of 'Padomaic' or is it a portmanteau intended to indicate both chaos and madness?
The early chapters, with Louise's complicated plans (need to get trust to get a sword to get to the jarl to get to a mage) and 'I help you, then you help me, isn't that how it works?' beliefs, are more sidequesty than the actual sidequests, which is rather entertaining. Not sure if that's from Familiar of Zero or your own invention.

Uh, I read the chapter quotes, and I can vaguely see how some connect to the events of the chapters, but by the time I finish a chapter, I've usually forgotten what the quote was.

Highly entertaining watching Tamrielic characters visit Halkeginia. Especially 'the Veteran'; I felt rather clever for guessing his identity from the descriptor, way he thought about legends, and the first time the chapter mentioned 'the Other One'. Nice!

I assume the stuff about void magic and elves is Familiar of Zero canon? I may have to investigate further, because it sounds interesting.
6/15 c9 Guest
Ma'iq's interlude is brilliant! It's just... brilliant! Canon quotes, ones I don't recognize that seem completely plausible and in-character (everyone obsessed with cannons), and this thing:
"He was telling the story of how a huge explosion caught him by surprise when he was about to cross the border and forced him to change his route. His main complaint was that he had lost his mantle in the process."
His mantle! Ha!

The rest of this is also great. I only know one side (the Skyrim side) of this crossover, but I'm very much enjoying it. So far, an expedition gone very wrong and what I can tell is personal growth on Louise's part.

Waitaminute. I'm pretty sure I know who Anise's sister Moira is (lives near Windhelm?), but she has a moon and star over her doorframe? Any relation to Azura? How old ('old woman' is so vague, especially for mages) is she? (Is she in the same organization as Delphine?) It probably won't come up again, but that does almost make sense.

Good story so far.
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