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7/15/2020 c35 3frannyfine29
Hi! I'm not sure if you ever plan on updating this again but I would loooove it if you did. I've never read a hey Arnold fic like this before. And while it breaks my heart, I cannot wait to see what happens next!
4/7/2020 c24 55Em Pataki
This better be a dream too! How dare you hurt/KILL him!
4/7/2020 c15 Em Pataki
This reminds me of my family. We can't walk through a room without saying I love you to one another. Then doing it again, even if we just said it five seconds ago lol.
2/5/2020 c7 21Cre8ivelybankrupt87
There's got to be a mistake! Well... it would seem that your kid was a mistake, Helga... just like you probably were... wha whaaaaaaaaa. XD Sorry... I think I felt Helga punch me just now, somehow...
Having his baby... Arnold's baby... Football Head's baby... her first thought should be... C section... (oh god I hope you haven't made that joke because I totally have it in the works in one of mine...)
Seriously, I feel like the means used to get her to the doctor would have caused her to miscarry.
Okay... Helga proclaiming her hatred for her unborn child followed by sudden bursts of love and adoration is just... so... perfect. It is part of Arnold after all... I imagined her hating it and being spiteful all up until the moment it finally arrived, but this... this is perfect and hilarious.
Man, these scenes between Helga and Arnold are intense. His 'How dare you..." speech was damn effective.
Her threat to the others at the end, lol. They should all be very afraid... I just hope the rest of this story isn't Helga seeking out revenge on them one by one and it going horribly wrong... actually, I'd enjoy that, too.
2/5/2020 c6 Cre8ivelybankrupt87
Helga has to be a very lovable person for them to go to this much trouble on her behalf in the midst of all her threats and violence against them... yeah, that really is the thing with her character, she's somehow lovable and hatable all at once and you just can't look away...
For all Phoebe's knowledge and wisdom, when she asks Helga if she always has to focus on the negative I'm like... have you met her?
Anyway how's your sex life? ... I guess a doctor can and should ask that. But yeah. Helga married to Arnold... sex is only not happening when HE'S had enough, methinks...
Mmm, this is pretty much how I envision it (someday I'll finish my own Arnold/Helga married life story and publish the freaking thing...) but I don't think Helga would want kids. The mere notion doesn't come up at all in her whole 'married' fantasy, which is telling. But yeah, I too think it'd all be covering for deeper insecurities about her own potential inadequacy as a parent, or not wanting to basically become anything like her own parents. Ah, yep and there it is... doesn't wanna put a kid through what Miriam did for her. Quite agree.
OoOoOo and Arnold DOES want to have kids and is worried he's infertile? That's... tragic and hilarious and oh boy is Helga going to have some explaining to do for not even TELLING HIM.
Ohhhhhhhhhh and that ending... though I shoulda seen it coming, great way to leave us hanging. Except not cuz I'm late to this party so I can just go right on to the next one now...
2/5/2020 c5 Cre8ivelybankrupt87
Phoebe remains the one person to consistently get Helga to see reason. Phoebe? You have a super power. Use it responsibly.
HAHAHAHA! And on that note, she didn't even expect to be able to convince her and OHMYGOD her actual plan had me rolling with laughter.
Hahaha, 'Popsicle Nose.' Doesn't quite have the same ring of Football Head, but of course it's not in the same spirit of covering for love so there you go. (And yet I feel like adult Helga would call his nose something else...)
"Why on earth did I enter into matrimony with that psychotic freak?" See, this is my question too, Rhonda... good answer from Nadine though. Haha, Rhonda's into some... weird stuff in the sack eh...
This chapter was hysterical.
2/5/2020 c4 Cre8ivelybankrupt87
13 Buckets... that needs to be a title for one of Helga's books. Ha! And now Helga joins the growing pantheon of girls to have thrown up on Arnold... I guess it's just her and Lila but whatever, I'm glad Arnold's used to it... I just hope he's not INTO it or this is gonna get really weird...
Nice to have doctors in the family, right?
Eugene married Sheena, eh? Poor guy, still in such deep seated denial... ;)
Curly and Rhonda... oh that doesn't sit well, but hey maybe they somehow work?
Everybody hates Sid... calling it now, HE'S THE KILLER.
Arnold? You'd get bored with 'normal friends' pretty quick I godd*** guarantee.
I'm in Helga's camp. Even if I had the entire cast of HA! as friends goading me to see a doctor I'd remain stubborn. Though... if actual cartoon characters were telling me to see a doctor then I'd probably need one... just not the kind they meant.
2/1/2020 c3 Cre8ivelybankrupt87
Helga is still admonishing herself in the form of soliloquies after all this time. Love it.
HAHAHA... that little flowery fantasy of Arnold forgiving her all while she's at a stoplight. And I love this running gag where she keeps almost dropping F bombs and then catching herself. In a real world I think Helga would have just sworn like a sailor since she was 9, but I gotta love the kid cartoon way of getting around all that.
This is going to turn into a PR disaster for her eventually if she habitually gets into these fights with other drivers... what would her fans think? Heheh, she'd become like that Agatha Cawfield character in their eyes; a writer of beautiful heartfelt stories and a crusty hateful crank in person. XD
All this time and Helga still struggles like a child to say what's in her heart to Arn- whoa... when Arnold snaps it's kind of terrifying. This gets heavy very abruptly and I love it... from an audience perspective it's always amusing to see Helga's antics and the way she treats Arnold out of love but yeah... that would get grating in real life, and to see Arnold call her out and defend himself, only to have her break down like that it's... STOP HITTING ME IN THE FEELS LIKE THIS. This captures the ups and downs of being in a long term relationship so expertly...
"Arnold. I love you and all, and I'm glad we made things right between us, and that your enamored by my work right now…But finish that sentence with the word special and I will bury you 6 feet under in the next 2 seconds with no regrets. Promise." I cannot love this sentence enough...
Arnold... loves... the Parrot Poem... and it's now basically their booty call... okay, that feels like it should be an obvious idea but the way you executed that scene was just brilliant.
This story has been unpredictable so far, and I love that. Yet the title... and these ominous chapter endings... something bad is coming isn't it?
2/1/2020 c2 Cre8ivelybankrupt87
Well if EVERY CHAPTER is going to be such an emotional roller coaster I don't know if my little heart can take it... this was hilarious, endearing, exciting, sad... ow, my feels.
I do love how that 20 some years later Helga still basically treats Arnold the same way she always has... but he just understands and accepts her for it and OF COURSE he'd grow up to be a therapist... of all his talents and skills in life, figuring people out and helping them are the ones he needed to share with the world... maybe he needed to be the Pope or Dalai Lama or I dunno, some position with a little more reach but hey, this is the most realistically ideal career path for Football Head.
Helga is... indeed dangerous... 40 minute trip in 10 minutes doing 90 on the freeway... the way she just so casually announces that as her plan is just hilarious.
I love how Helga's dual nature is still very much the core of her character. She's even more reckless and kind of arrogant now... and yet with a beautiful, loving poetic soul that's now touched many lives and you can see in that speech from her fan... well, that's what's really important to Helga deep down, just like Arnold is giving others hope.
And yet her poor publicist... I'm kind of surprised Phoebe didn't end up in that role but thankfully she's got a life of her own outside of being Helga's assistant now. I just love the contrast of Phoebe and Gerald's relationship which just looks completely harmonious and functional... while Arnold and Helga will forever be kind of a giant mess with moments of bliss... and that's how they like it.
Though, looks like Helga's questioning/feeling bad about that at the end... like I said, emotional roller coaster this chapter...
2/1/2020 c1 Cre8ivelybankrupt87
I'm FINALLY gonna read this whole thing! I admit... the length of this story was intimidating but wow, this first chapter has me hooked already, with your masterful command over these characters and their emotional depth, all wrapped in such eloquent prose... how have I NOT read this yet? Oh right, I'm a lazy procrastinator... XD
'I'm a pretty amazing person Football Head. And love is a pretty amazing emotion... Combine the two together and you got something dangerous..."
Wow. That should be the quote atop Helga's wiki page... if only it were canon... IT DEFINES HER SO WELL!
... and I sense it's a bit of bleak foreshadowing? Uh oh...
3/27/2019 c34 60HAFanForever
Nice to see Helga interacting with Stella here, even though she's an adult as opposed to a child. Since we officially have The Jungle Movie, even in our minds following the film, I can see Miles and Stella acting as the true parents Helga wants and needs, and as she gets closer to Arnold, she would get closer to them. They would treat her as the daughter they never had and be there for her in the way her parents haven't been. And that reminds me, I have a couple new Hey Arnold! stories posted, and I hope to do at least one other very soon. :)
3/19/2019 c33 HAFanForever
A tea party? Oh man, that is definitely a girly type of activity that Helga would hate to the nth degree and never want to do! But if it's for her daughter, she's gonna get roped into doing it in the end. XD
3/19/2019 c32 HAFanForever
Ah, first the shrines, now the poetry! Halenie is starting to see the side of her mother that she has never seen before. ;)
3/19/2019 c31 HAFanForever
Helga may not want to admit it, but I think she's enjoying spending time with Halenie...until they stumble upon her old shrines in the closet! XD
2/3/2019 c35 55Azure129
I'm so sorry it took me this long to review The last couple of months have been really crazy for me. Thanks for your patience though :) First of all, happy to meet a fellow CLANNAD fan _ I discovered that anime about a year ago, and I loved it but it was definitely an emotional rollercoaster lol. It's nice to see a fic writing Arnold and Helga as adults :) I don't get to read much fan fiction anymore, but I noticed that back when the show was still in production there were a lot of stories about them as adults and then a few years after it ended most of the stories were about them as kids. So it's great to read older versions of them again. And I like how you take the time to explore some potential issues they could have as a couple even though of course at the end of the day they love each other (btw, I loved that 'bird from Hell...ga' line XD). I think some of the conversations they have and some of Helga's personal recollections could be tightened a little, but I do like seeing them interacting and to see Helga analyzing her emotions. It's also nice to see cameos of the other kids grown up too, and of course watching Helga trying to bond with her own kids 3 And even though some of the tragic parts make me feel a little sad I have a feeling things will work out well in the end no matter which direction things go.

Take care!
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