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for Gakuen Fairy Tail

8/11/2016 c3 YouGoodSirAreAFruitcake
I was hoping you'd have it like IJN the anime where Lucy and Natsu are partners. Oh and NaLu4Lyfe!
8/11/2016 c2 YouGoodSirAreAFruitcake
Levy's a'ight, although who started the trend about Levy being shy, last time I checked the first time she met Lucy, they started a conversation about butts!
1/19/2016 c3 Cosette
️️ I love your story! Please update soon!
12/20/2014 c3 1amgonnaburst
I really hope I can review every chapters! Heck, I can barely READ it every day or even CHECK it.. *sigh*

Here's my tragic story;

So I live in Indonesia, an EXTREMELY strict country about inappropriate things and stuff. So is banned in Indonesia.. And in my town, it's an internet positive(website full of inappropriate things), and I'm now traveling to another town quite nearby my house, and I surprisingly can connect to here.. Please understand! X'''c
12/2/2014 c3 4ever alone
Lol no I don't read nali fics and yes it is
12/2/2014 c3 6JellyBeanBubbles
Hahahaha, this chapter was so funny, reminds me so much of Gakuen Alice XD
I tend to avoid angst fanfiction, not a fan of crying so much
yes this story is getting interesting, so please update soon
11/18/2014 c2 Maria
great story i love it and yes it totally catches my attention i would really love to read more so please continue.
11/17/2014 c2 Guest
It feels like u already updated
11/17/2014 c2 9CeCe92399
Please continue, this story is really good. I love both Levy and Lucy's character
11/17/2014 c2 1amgonnaburst
Are you kidding me! This story is fucking amazing that I can smile like a creep all the time! And... Please update soon o
9/26/2014 c2 Guest
Nalu definitely Nalu
9/24/2014 c2 4ever alone
nalu nalu nalu
9/4/2014 c1 19ArabellaIris17
FreLu! and She'll start being rebellious after making the teachers think shes an angel
9/3/2014 c1 AnonymousStalkerFriend
I prefer NaLu personally.

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