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2/15/2017 c1 17SecretAgent12
Ah yes, the story I've read but not officially reviewed is what I've chosen for the review tag, should be fun. I love me some depressing romance with a chance of death. Let's get started~

Oh, present tense. Not a problem, just not something you see all the time.

I'm glad for the totally plausible explanation for why the PI cast are a bunch of weird fucks, because reality shows are edited horribly. Plus I can tell this isn't going to be an obnoxious!Shawn.

Sup Maurice, you oneshot character you.

Hah, Dave, what a loser. Loser-face. Awwww, Jasmine and Shawn are going to meet up in Australia. Sure hope nothing would ever get in the way of that perfect plan. Snerk, classic dream interruption by someone else talking.

It's interesting seeing how different your written Shawn is from your RP Shawn, of course those are under different circumstances. I can see some similarities in the dialogue but the backstory's different from what I can tell. Poor orphan Shawn.

Sup Laney, you other oneshot character you.

Ew cats, and now I'm reminded that Jasmine has one too so oh boy.

Is it pathetic I can relate to the significance about being able to order a main thing AND something on the side from a place? It probably is...

Oh no Shawn what happened? D:

Okay, live-blogged reactions done. Final thoughts and reflections. Grammar seems fine, pacing is a bit abrupt but it's just the prologue so I'll forgive it. It's very obviously leading up to a Shasmine story that revolves around whatever's wrong with Shawn (the summary says brain cancer) and how he spends his time with her. I'm reading for some heartbreaking stuff so you better not let me down, okay?
5/25/2016 c4 4CLake
Aww 3

Please do continue :)
11/16/2015 c4 18ChrisMcLean-Cody-Duncan-TD
Gina seems suspicious...she seems nearly too happy and fun and cheerful. But, as long as it ends with Jasmine and Shawn, I'll be happy, but I kind of feel it won't.
The way you described the lunch and Jasmine and Shawn in the chapter. I absolutely loved the part where Shawn said he 'couldn't afford' to play video games.
I haven't mentioned yet how I really like how you're writing Zombie. He seems to play quite a big role in the fic, though I don't really see exactly why just yet. Is he just there as some kind of minor cat to keep Shawn company, or is there something that happens later in the fic involving Zombie?
Anyway, I guess I'll find out (hopefully) soon when you update!

11/16/2015 c3 ChrisMcLean-Cody-Duncan-TD
Starting to see Shawn enjoying his money a bit more. It's a good thing, because he doesn't have that long to live, I guess. Unless, of course, a miracle happens.
Reyna doesn't seem to be too pleased to see him, and her general hostile attitude to him is very enjoyable to read about. Jason seems okay, I guess, but he knows about Shawn's condition.

Beautifully wrote and it was nice to see Shawn meeting with Jasmine. These chapters just keep improving as I read them! I don't have any criticism on this one - I think the plot line and the idea is very good and the work you put into the chapters is amazing.

11/14/2015 c4 6Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
I like Zombie :)

Anyway, yay for Shawn and Jas! I'm glad she forgave him.

I like the autograhp part, it was a nice touch to talk about his fame. The dinner scene was a nice touch for development. I wish I could say more, but everything I want to say has already been said in other reviews.
11/14/2015 c3 Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
OK, besides some spelling errors, the story was pretty good. One thing that I have been noticing is that the wording can get a bit weird. Like when you say "Her fist have curled up" it would be better to say "She curled up her fist" so it would sound more natural.

Other than that, I have no problems with it, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
11/14/2015 c2 Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
OK, not bad for the end of the beginning :)

I had a little problem with the "dream" part for realistic reasons and that it was in third person while the rest of the story was in first. I like the ending and how he said that he was going to hate the pitiful looks, it was a nice touch.

I saw the footnote, but I don't know what it leads to (I didn't see one at the bottom). I just thought it would be good to mention.
11/14/2015 c4 Bombyyyx
Gina seems cool! She's tied with Zombie now! c:

Aww, Shawn and Jasmine's conversation just tugged at my heart, the way those feels just bombarded me. I'm so glad they could talk some things out instead of bottling them up and junk. But, uh, as in character as you have Jasmine, don't you think she would at least pick up on Shawn mentioning Gertrude? It sounds like it just completely went over her head.

So Shawn's finally planning on telling Jasmine the truth! :D And this is the last current chapter! D: Whyyy must you do this, Knifez? I'm so invested in it now! :V
11/14/2015 c3 Bombyyyx
Yeah, Shawn, naming your tumor after a female name is /totally/ not going to lead to some poor communication problems and misunderstandings sometime in the near future.

Shawn and Jasmine meet again, yay! And Jasmine's pissed, yay? Can't blame her, and I can't blame Shawn for not wanting to tell he immediately.

Zombie's gotta be my favorite side character out of all of this, seriously, he rules.
11/14/2015 c2 Bombyyyx
Oh jeez, looks like the brain cancer finally makes an appearance. And causes Shawn to be in a coma for eight months. Yikes.

I kinda squeed when Shawn's first thought upon hearing about the length of him coma was that Jasmine was going to kill him, even if the situation is nothing to squee about. I just really love Shazmine, ha ha.

Off to Australia he goes, with his Max-ified cat Zombie!

I noticed that there was a little [1] next to the doctor's comment on the price of airfare, but there was nothing to expand on that in the author's note? I'm guessing it was probably supposed to be like the amount of American money translated into Canadian amount, but it's nothing big.
11/14/2015 c3 WIWAP
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap! Before I start this review, I've read this and the rest of WTL, but since I won't have any time for the next couple of hours I've chosen this for the r&s. I'll get to reviewing WTL later, tho!

Anyways, dem Jazzy-jaz feels tho D: Loved the interaction between her and Shawn, you showcased their interaction brilliantly! I can understand why Tall Ass Australian [TAA for short] felt that way and it hurts da hawrt :c

Awesome family interactions too! Shawn, yet again, was awesome. Like how he told her Dad about the shit instead of everyone else, set for a heap of trouble I bet D:D

Anyways, nice chapter! Excited for more c:
11/14/2015 c4 202ChloeRhiannonX
Well he didn't tell her...kinda of. He does mention Gertrude but neither of them bring up that he did?
Oh well, they reconciled. They seem like a cute couple, but not sure my take on them quite yet.
I liked that you showed Shawn having a fan-encounter, I don't think I've seen that happen in many, if any, post-TD stories.

Reading this after having read some of your more recent stories, you have seriously improved your writing by a long shot. While this isn't terrible, it's not amazing. I have enjoyed the plot of the story, though. It has some serious potential if you do ever continue it on, which I will look forward to reading.
11/14/2015 c3 ChloeRhiannonX
I liked Jasmine's family. You did good with her dad befriending Shawn like that, I liked the way he stuck up for Shawn. Shawn strikes me as the kind that does need sticking up for a lot of the time.
Not sure how I feel about Shawn not telling Jasmine about Gertrude. I think she should know. Guess we'll see how it plans out.
11/14/2015 c2 ChloeRhiannonX
Ouch, poor Shawn. You do put enough character into him to create sympathy for what he's going through. I do not, however, like the characterization of the doctor, just something silly that'll irk me if we ever see him again.
I really hope the reason you chose 1st person is because Shawn is gonna 'drop dead' only to not 'drop dead' and wake up and be decently okay, it's cliched but I love it. Or maybe he will just drop dead...
11/14/2015 c1 ChloeRhiannonX
Gripping start, for sure. I don't know much about any of the PI cast having not watched the season, but you paint a pretty good picture for me to understand Shawn. I liked the interaction with the cab driver and with Laney. Not too fussed on the backstory, just didn't seem too realistic for me.
Can kinda guess where the next chapter will go based on the summary but the mystery of what will happen is still fairly strong.
And if I get another cat I am totally naming it Zombie.
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