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5/11/2016 c11 Kurochach
Actually I was kind of suprised that in all these years of torture because at this scale it is not abuse but torture for me, that she was never raped (apart from that attempt when she was just a little kid) and yes, I was kind of wondering when you would right a rape scene, if one would happen and when would she be saved... And shit that town is a real hell, even if Elsa tried to get out away it was impossible because the bastard control everyone in this city by fear. Oh how I am so glad that finally someone had the balls to save Elsa and knock out the mayor. Although I really don't know why Elsa have her father's surname...
5/9/2016 c12 Shadowfax321
Here is a story I haven't seen in a while haha. I had forgotten about it :P. Hopefully things can turn around for Elsa here!
6/3/2015 c11 Darkness097
I read all this at once... 3 hours total... This story is amazing! I just wanna beat the mayors brains out for doing that too Elsa. Sorry I was just angry... I just want too tell Elsa that she's safe now and that no one can hurt her. Maybe I'm just into the story too much? Anyways you're a great writer, and I'm sorry for the loss of you're mother back when you were thirteen. But hopefully you will see her again someday... I know that I'll see my grandpa again someday. Cheerio!
5/2/2015 c1 riotcactus
Pleas update this fic? It's amazing
2/3/2015 c9 9ElsaTheSnowQueen2
I feel so sorry for Elsa! I hope Anna and Ariel are able to do something to help Elsa! Elsa please hang on help is coming soon!
2/2/2015 c9 4Morbhid
This story is so great I get upset with myself everytime I read a chapter. Like, how could I forget such a great story? Then I gotta go back and read the chapter before. Frustrating
1/10/2015 c8 9ElsaTheSnowQueen2
i feel so bad for elsa! i strongly dislike her stepfather! Anna and Ariel please do something!
1/4/2015 c8 4Morbhid
The ending to the chapter was painful to read. I know its not much of a review but I had to say it.
12/12/2014 c7 Sapphire
Loved this chapter poor elsa!
12/12/2014 c7 9ElsaTheSnowQueen2
amazing and wonderful work! i love it! and so much emotion, poor Elsa i feel like crying! Ariel and Anna are just trying to help Elsa but shes just to afraid to ask for it because of whats happened to her!
12/10/2014 c7 1SheMcScribe245
Omg, I LOVE the storyline! Plz update soon!
12/10/2014 c7 smilingpuddle
Thank you for the update despite your heavy schedule. It was a good chapter. :)
12/10/2014 c7 9Aggregate Dragon
Maybe Ariel should follow her home? You know, in the non-stalkerish way ;)
11/6/2014 c6 9ElsaTheSnowQueen2
NO! POOR ELSA! and i think Ariel and Anna have questions now but don't want to ask! I'm crying and I have a feeling that someone is watching Elsa because her stepfather wanted this person to!
11/6/2014 c5 ElsaTheSnowQueen2
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