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2/6/2023 c1 nejitenluv
i loved this!
5/17/2021 c1 NejiTenStan
Loved this!
1/5/2020 c1 Guest
This was really lovely and tender! If you're ever up to writing another Tenten/Neji fic, it would be so welcome
9/9/2014 c1 13Interim
Loved this to pieces.

I really like how you personified her skin - that was amazing, and added tremendous depth to your story.
9/5/2014 c1 Ami1010
This is so touching and sweet and touching! :')
9/4/2014 c1 5expiration
Oh my god, I love this so much. I adore Tenten's hair in her new chara design so much (I ended up attempting to recreate it because I want to cosplay as her at AX or something next year, but Tenten's just too pretty for me LOL). Have to say, even though Sasuke is one of my least favorite characters in the series, I absolutely loved the part with him trying to stop the blood and him AND Naruto thinking the scar's hot lolol.
I gotta say, Neji in this just melted my heart. He's just such a sweetheart who loves Tenten so much and gah, my feels. But HINATA. Precious Hinata reassuring Tenten that her face is beyond fine just by saying how cool she looks and I just. Yes. Good.
Interactions like these make my life.
And now I'm off to read your other stories haha.
9/4/2014 c1 goodbyeNT
This was such high quality work! I really enjoyed reading this, especially the Sasuke line. ;) I thought this was great, really descriptive and smooth in transitions.
9/3/2014 c1 19FruitySmell
Help me, I think I'm going lesbian for Tenten. And now you're saying she has a new design?! Where can I see it?! :D

9/3/2014 c1 78Aquarius Galuxy
Ahhh yes! I just saw Tenten's new character design today and she looks awesome! (the scrolls around her wrists are a little clumsy, though it's not a bad idea ;) I absolutely love her dress and buns omg! (LOL I think Neji would faint if he sees her like that ;) ;) )

Thank you for writing this! I enjoyed it ;) Especially loved this line: "Feeling appreciative," he mumbled against her skin ;) I wonder if Neji would mind if someone caught him being so openly affectionate ;)

(yes I'm an Aquarius ;) ) Next prompt, if you're up for it: NejiTen, fish! ;)

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