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for The Blaidd Drwg Uprising

1/20/2017 c8 11BarbT
Would love to see this finished!
5/18/2015 c8 6Godiva9
Ooo I am really enjoying this story! The plot is unique and is well written; I look forward to reading more! : )
12/6/2014 c8 BadWolf9653
I love your fic! The plot is so different and dynamic compared to others I've read.

Keep up the amazing work!
12/6/2014 c8 53IWantColouredRain
Uh-oh that doesn't sound good
12/3/2014 c8 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
oh boy I am worried now great job though I loved it
11/20/2014 c1 Guest
I like it very much. Waiting for new chapter
Продолжай, замечательный рассказ, буду ждать следующей главы.
11/2/2014 c7 53IWantColouredRain
Go 2 hell Margaret
10/31/2014 c7 2Bad Wolf Jen
Keep it comeing.
10/30/2014 c7 39TiaKisu
Wow, so that's how Rose ended up with the slave traders. And "Bad Wolf" was not bestowed upon her, she chose it for herself. That's so curious because the events of "The Parting of the Ways" presumably don't take place in this universe. Yet, Bad Wolf does exist, and I cannot wait to find out how and why.

This is a very well written new chapter, although it makes my heart go out to Rose. You described that scene in the ally so well - not too vividly as that it would be gruesome or appalling, but just with the right amount of detail, emotion and determination as that as a reader you feel sympathy for the blonde and break a little inside when, physically, she cannot withstand her captors any longer.

That Blond was turned into a human by the TARDIS was a truly interesting twist, and I have the feeling their destination was not chosen at random. Rose needed to be there, even when it brought her and the Doctor so much pain.

Thanks for this update. It really was a good read! TK
10/28/2014 c7 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
oh that is good I like
10/28/2014 c7 Guest
Yes an update! I've found this story quite recently and it's quite a good read. Love how Rose doesn't back down even after all that whipping and only submits when she physically cant. Keep up the good work :) it's a well written story
10/27/2014 c7 Guest
Go Rose! She's easily and by far the best companion and I'm so glad you've taken that character even further to make her a hero in her own right!
10/9/2014 c6 39TiaKisu
Alright, so Rose has been freeing slaves all this time long. And she earned herself the name "Bad Wolf". That's pretty awesome. She became a hero in her own right and now she's the one in charge and the Doctor is but following her lead. An interesting setting that, and one that I actually enjoy reading about. I only wonder how it came the other slaves chose Bad Wolf of all things as a name for her.

At any rate, this is a truly interesting story so far. Thanks for writing and sharing!
10/8/2014 c1 77Gallifrey Immigrant
The title drew me in. The characterization is going to keep me going. Good work!
10/8/2014 c6 53IWantColouredRain
So that's what Rose has been doing
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