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1/7 c16 Marie Amelie B
Well, it looks like another promising story has been abandoned.
5/31/2021 c16 SusanJ39
Really enjoyed this story. Sorry that you did not continue it. Hope your RL is going well. Thanks
1/9/2021 c16 celajwhitney
I didn't really understand what gran was going on about a boy being in trouble. was she talking about Lafayette or Jason? I hope it isn't Jason again because Sookie doesn't need to be dragged into any more crap. was Jason at the sex party? did he kill Terrance?
1/9/2021 c15 celajwhitney
i went to your other website and loved it! to find out that Jason knew all along that Hadley was living in New Orleans in the lap of luxury while Sookie and gran were struggling was about par for the course for him. he only ever saw what someone could do for him without any thought of helping them out in any way.
1/9/2021 c14 celajwhitney
oh my god! is that Godric? is Sophie Anne his child too?
1/8/2021 c10 celajwhitney
i love this story. Eric is right where he needs to be, but i hope he gives Bill another whoopin' real soon!
8/15/2020 c16 Melanie Furmston
I love this story. Think it is the 3rd time I have read it. Hoping that you can find your muse again and finish one day. Makes me laugh and smile. I hate Bill with a passion and love Godric just so much please finish one day. Thank you
9/17/2019 c16 Lbot1979
This is such a good piece of work. I do hope it is updated in the near future. Really great writing. It will descriptive and engaging. I couldn't get enough!
11/25/2018 c16 Guest
Please finish this story. I love it
3/13/2018 c16 georgiasuzy
I love this story! I followed you on your WordPress site as well so I'll know ASAP when you have time to update.
11/26/2017 c2 celajwhitney
this story is wonderful, i can't understand why it doesn't have about a thousand reviews!
8/30/2017 c9 13Warrioroftheseventhstar
This story is awesome and left me with far more questions than answers. If you don't continue it, could you tell me what Eric was supposed to be?
5/15/2017 c16 Pantherbabe4ever
Wow I love it ...god i hope there will be more
2/8/2017 c16 babybrandi
Absolutely love this story! I seen you haven't updated in a while and I am really hoping you will. It's so interesting.
9/10/2016 c16 tleel
Loved your story, hope you come back soon, read it on Wordpress.
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