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for I, Rocket

6/27/2018 c2 17AbsorbingDaynel
another good chapter. keep it up!

(P.S. Grammar. you hit the wrong key sometimes. Friendly reminder :))
6/27/2018 c1 AbsorbingDaynel
Nice! Love Guardians of the Galaxy and enjoyed reading this! Also, if you remember me, i havent posten in a while because of...reasons. anyway, im working on a new story right now! its gonna be short but awesome!
10/1/2016 c16 Alex
Loving it.
7/19/2016 c16 2PinkStarLover000
This story is beautiful! All the shots are great! Each plot of it is so interesting for me to read! You kept me up at night! XD
Can't wait for more! :D
12/30/2015 c22 Rain
12/31/2015 c22 12Prince-in-Disguise
Aww, mushy Rocket, awww! So cute!
12/30/2015 c22 29sur2sur
Excellent storytelling
12/26/2015 c21 12Prince-in-Disguise
Aww, poor Rocket. He wants to make an honest purchase for a change and then this happens...! I wonder what happens in part two!
12/25/2015 c21 29sur2sur
Like the first part reminds me of my own storms about individuals being prejudice
Hope Gamora go back and buys it for a unit or Peter steals it
11/19/2015 c20 sur2sur
This story reminds me of a couple of my stories although I believe all good revenge stories have that in common
11/19/2015 c20 12Prince-in-Disguise
Rocket is a vengeful little rascal, isn't he? :D

I'd love to see him stuff his little belly with as many apples as he wants!
10/21/2015 c19 29sur2sur
Glad your back to writing
An excellent story
Hope to read more
10/21/2015 c19 12Prince-in-Disguise
Aww, how sweet - Groot wants to be Rocket's friend because he thinks Rocket needs one. So touching!
8/19/2015 c17 Prince-in-Disguise
Aww, cute...!
7/3/2015 c16 70Wolfling21
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