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12/11/2022 c6 Guest
Why is trunks just a side character you should have done a chapter or b plot for him
11/24/2022 c34 1RANGER1863
From what I have seen, the story does not take into consideration the Dragon Ball Super saga or the tournament of power, but just out of curiosity in this story, is the destructive power of the Gremory similar to what the destructive power of Bills?
10/23/2022 c34 Korking
10/17/2022 c34 codywhite162
This story is fantastic and I hope you come back to it again someday!
9/17/2022 c34 StefonRichardson
Come on keep going
7/9/2022 c34 Guest
Is the next chapter ever coming out? This series is good
6/26/2022 c34 Guest
Have you even gave Dragon Ball Super: Broly a chance or even try to watch it? I personally like the Super version of Broly more than the Z Broly.
4/10/2022 c1 Guest
Is it just me who thinks this story is boring
3/23/2022 c34 LIPAS 108
hey my guy that was a great chapter for 34 I can't wait for 35 to drop and see what happens I hope to see more villains even dxd ones this was good and I am glad to join you in this story as you tell it I am like sitting out of my chair bc of how much I enjoy it. as it gets me in all the emotions like laughing and crying etc. plz don't stop and keep it going if anything plz make a patreon to this I would love to support you as much as I can just to see where things go from here until then I am going to re-read this story bc of how much I love it thank you so much this is by far the best FanFic out there hands down
3/23/2022 c34 1Arkham Knight22
I can't wait for the next amazing chapter! i have an idea for a new oc that could be a villain or a friend
3/22/2022 c33 LIPAS 108
hey just wanted to say that this chapter 33 was damn good and I have been reading you A/N and want to say that take your time on it but do get more out I want to see this story come to a close with more chapters but do take your time I hope you have been doing ok though. Just want to say I get that sometimes you wanna relax which is ok but I really do hope you get 35 out soon this is by far the best and my most fav fanfic you are even focusing on gotten and not Goku which I do love even though Goku is my fav but it is great and I love how you been taking things idc that u been going off manly dxd story in a way lol bu hope to see you soon and getting more chapters out my guy
3/21/2022 c32 LIPAS 108
love the chapter so damn good I hope on in later chapters I see more dragon ball enemies tbh I almost thought Towa and Mira were going to show up but it was still good to know Orphins made a showing love the chapter can't wait for 35 plz get it out sooner
3/20/2022 c31 LIPAS 108
love this chapter I hope to see more this year I want to see you make it all the way to 80 chapters if not more I love reading this plz keep up this great work I can't wait for chapter 35 plz get it out sooner
3/20/2022 c14 Axccel
Rias isn't making any sense. If there is tension between the factions against the Devils due to her connection to Goten, then A) none of the other two factions would dare threaten the Devils unless they just plain have no comprehension of what even normal saiyans really are or are capable of, or B) Goten helping the Church with a mission would improve relations and help soothe tensions. Which would make Rias being against him helping them utterly nonsensical. Which I also realized in the canon storyline when I read it and saw it in the anime and wondered why this obvious fact didn't occur to her. "Oh noes, we can't help another faction because that would increase tensions between us and them." is utterly stupid and wrong. It was back when I first read it in canon and it still is now.

In other words, the only thing in their group causing problems and increasing the risk of war is Rias herself.
3/20/2022 c12 Axccel
I don't get why Rias is so defensive over not sharing Goten compared to her canon self. Or am I remembering her attitude from canon wrong? I know that the supernatural in DxD considers harems to be normal and monogamy to be weird.

It's amusing how much everyone doesn't realize just how much they're still underestimating Goten and more specifically, saiyans. The average high class devil is possibly weaker than or perhaps equal to the average saiyan *infant*. Judging by the power levels of the Z-Fighters back when Raditz first showed up and what they were capable of back then. It just tickles me how the whole of DxD simply cannot begin to fathom just how outclassed they are by even a baby in terms of raw power.
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