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for When Two Universes Collide

6/6 c1 Guest
Good story.
5/3 c1 Guest
A really good fanfic. Good job.
4/8 c2 Guest
This is good, keep going buddy
4/1 c1 Guest
Well written story.
3/25 c1 Guest
Good story.
3/10 c1 Guest
Good story.
3/10 c1 Guest
Good story so far.
2/4 c3 14Deparde Quizno
I've never actually gotten into DxD but Goten makes this story pretty funny! Nice fight scene too! Can't wait to read more!
1/27 c1 Guest
Good story.
1/29 c34 4OCWhiteRanger
Whens the next chapter been waiting ages i cant wait for the Loki arc!
12/6/2023 c34 Guest
Make chapter 35
8/30/2023 c7 rageouss
'Goten glanced between her eyes and her lips. His heart was pounding and his throat was in knots. Rias was just as nervous as he was, she was just better at hiding it. They inched closer, their lips only a hair apart when a second magic circle with a bright white appeared in the room.'

kay.. bye. shit tier fanfic
8/30/2023 c6 rageouss
'"It takes a real man to spare someone like that." Akeno smiled. Rias shot her friend a look, but Akeno turned in the opposite direction, playing dumb.'

no you'd have to be the pretty much braindamaged to let her go. raynare hobby is literally torturing people, so stupid; might just drop it mc is way too wacked in the head.
8/30/2023 c5 rageouss
there's just so many wrong things with this chapter that it ain't even funny. forcing the story to stay the same to an INSANE degree, pointless writing fanfics like this.
8/30/2023 c3 rageouss
makes sense that he won't become a devil - though that makes their future relationship weird as he'll turn into an old man whilst she stays young
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