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2/20/2018 c32 ARSLOTHES
Hope you will at least do super saiyan four with gotenks cause it is pretty cool
2/20/2018 c32 3MysticVegito
Holy hell, this chapter is pure gold. there are so many moments that i love so much. First the whole Sona scene, so subtle of her to take Goten with her by merely carrying some heavy boxes, nice move. And the whole confession thing when they were alone was so adorable, but i got a good laugh when Rias and Akeno popped up to interrupt their moment. But i also loved how Sona admitted she likes Goten, but she is at the same time a loyal friend to Rias and supporting their relationship all the way.

Another scene i loved was the whole Goten, Rias and Akeno scene at home and Goten passing out from boob sandwich, i laughed my ass off on that one. Also love the part where Chi Chi teases Goten and Goku being there to yet again stop her from teasing.

And the whole battle scene was just pure awesomeness, i just loved how Rias finally got to use Destruction Kamehameha Wave, god that was awesome! It's also good to see perverted norse god kicking some serious butt and holding the fort while Rias and the others chased after Goten to save Akeno.

As for the whole Diodora scene, it was so damn dark and i love it! Especially how Diodora is such a damn idiot, he literally pissed off a being who can casually blow up an entire planet to kingdom come. I so enjoyed how furious Goten curbstomped him around the chamber like a ragdoll, that was so enjoyable to read.

And the highlight of this chapter is definitely Goten's furious transformation. Ho-ly shit that was awesome! It was enough for even Trunks to be horrified to the point of running to certain someone who can save the day. Awesome chapter bro, keep it up :)
2/20/2018 c32 13Akashic Vinyl
If he went great ape and there's no ssb then will he get ss4?
2/19/2018 c1 30diamondholder
Okay so Two questions one is this form like to Golden great ape form in dragon ball gt. Two does this mean that like vegeta go ten skipped super saiyan 3 and went straight to super saiyan 4 after calming down
2/19/2018 c32 J0ker981
Really like how chichi was ok with Goten having sex while they’re home
2/19/2018 c32 Goku Black
Great chapter , keep up the awesome work.
Is Goten's form similar to the one future trunks used against perfect cell? Also I don't think he or trunks should get the God or Blue forms. Otherwise it would be like a super saiyan bargain sale. Every saiyan should have there own unique form.
Goku - ultra instinct
Vegeta- ultra super saiyan blue or whatever it's called
Gohan- ultimate
F. Trunks- super saiyan rage (if he appears)
For Goten and Trunks I would of said either the rage form or a strengthen super saiyan 2 (equal or greater than a ss3) but it seems you gave them a mysterious transformation already and now I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/19/2018 c32 blake015
Sweet updated
2/19/2018 c1 twisterblake2015
Awesome story here
2/19/2018 c32 wweTheBeast2015
Cool new chapter and glad this story is continuing as well.
2/19/2018 c32 Blake2020
Well Glad this story updated and poor Akeno and looks like Goten snap and unleashed SS3 exciting to see what happens next and updated soon as well.
2/19/2018 c32 Keechinator
I would also like to see him go SsJ 3
2/19/2018 c32 Marcus
you should give them to goten and trunks the ssj5 so that they are not behind goku and vegeta in blue
2/6/2018 c12 david.teague.3950
Question on the Tier listings(I think that's for the Power Levels right?) You have Vegetto(which I assume means Vegito that's the name in a GBA game called Buu's Fury) which I assume is the Potara form of Vegeta and Goku. My question is what Tier would you Rank the Metamorese fusion of Goku and Vegeta, aka Gogeta(or is Vegetto the one I refer to as Gogeta)?
2/5/2018 c8 david.teague.3950
I kind of hope you don't do GT timeline while I do like Super Saiyan Level 4, there's only two ways to achieve that stage: 1 get your tail back and transform into an Oozarou, regain control of your self and force yourself to revert back to normal like Kakarot, or use the Blutz Wave Amplifier like Vegeta. Also I really don't like the idea of Piccolo sacrificing himself in order to destroy the Black Star Dragon Balls. Personally I have a better couple of ideas for that so Pilaf doesn't get his grubby little mitts on them. One have Bulma create some DB Wave blockers(During the Red Ribbon Army saga in Dragon Ball Pilaf had a box that blocked the aura of the Dragon Balls), and put one or more of them into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Another thing Piccolo destroyed the Door from inside the Time Chamber during the Buu Saga so unless they repaired the doorway using the chamber should have been impossible.
2/5/2018 c7 david.teague.3950
I love instant transmission and am rather depressed that Toriyama-Sensei never had any of the other characters learn that from Goku not even Goku's own kin learned it.
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