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2/19/2018 c32 J0ker981
Really like how chichi was ok with Goten having sex while they’re home
2/19/2018 c32 Goku Black
Great chapter , keep up the awesome work.
Is Goten's form similar to the one future trunks used against perfect cell? Also I don't think he or trunks should get the God or Blue forms. Otherwise it would be like a super saiyan bargain sale. Every saiyan should have there own unique form.
Goku - ultra instinct
Vegeta- ultra super saiyan blue or whatever it's called
Gohan- ultimate
F. Trunks- super saiyan rage (if he appears)
For Goten and Trunks I would of said either the rage form or a strengthen super saiyan 2 (equal or greater than a ss3) but it seems you gave them a mysterious transformation already and now I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/19/2018 c32 blake015
Sweet updated
2/19/2018 c1 twisterblake2015
Awesome story here
2/19/2018 c32 wweTheBeast2015
Cool new chapter and glad this story is continuing as well.
2/19/2018 c32 Blake2020
Well Glad this story updated and poor Akeno and looks like Goten snap and unleashed SS3 exciting to see what happens next and updated soon as well.
2/19/2018 c32 Keechinator
I would also like to see him go SsJ 3
2/19/2018 c32 Marcus
you should give them to goten and trunks the ssj5 so that they are not behind goku and vegeta in blue
2/6/2018 c12 Delta3950
Question on the Tier listings(I think that's for the Power Levels right?) You have Vegetto(which I assume means Vegito that's the name in a GBA game called Buu's Fury) which I assume is the Potara form of Vegeta and Goku. My question is what Tier would you Rank the Metamorese fusion of Goku and Vegeta, aka Gogeta(or is Vegetto the one I refer to as Gogeta)?
2/5/2018 c8 Delta3950
I kind of hope you don't do GT timeline while I do like Super Saiyan Level 4, there's only two ways to achieve that stage: 1 get your tail back and transform into an Oozarou, regain control of your self and force yourself to revert back to normal like Kakarot, or use the Blutz Wave Amplifier like Vegeta. Also I really don't like the idea of Piccolo sacrificing himself in order to destroy the Black Star Dragon Balls. Personally I have a better couple of ideas for that so Pilaf doesn't get his grubby little mitts on them. One have Bulma create some DB Wave blockers(During the Red Ribbon Army saga in Dragon Ball Pilaf had a box that blocked the aura of the Dragon Balls), and put one or more of them into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Another thing Piccolo destroyed the Door from inside the Time Chamber during the Buu Saga so unless they repaired the doorway using the chamber should have been impossible.
2/5/2018 c7 Delta3950
I love instant transmission and am rather depressed that Toriyama-Sensei never had any of the other characters learn that from Goku not even Goku's own kin learned it.
2/5/2018 c3 Delta3950
I have no complaints with that. I'm tinkering on my Laptop a story I got this idea for after reading this one DBZ Naruto crossover. In this particular story Naruto is God-like from the beginning. In mine he's strong but not yet god-like. He wont be god-like until Shippuden. Anyways pairings include: Yakumo Kurama(I seriously don't see enough with her and it pisses me off), Hinata with her personality being that of Road to Ninja, Female Sasuke named Mitsuki or Tsuki for short. Then comes an ancient Summoning contract for Summoning Cat Yokai which summoned Kuroka while she was being hunted, as well as Ni and Li before Riser could kill them and forcibly reincarnate them. Also in the story will be mates/slaves.

Mates will include most if not all of the Sailor Senshi(Uranus is too head strong and will more than likely be turned into a submissive), Saturn is much too young so will have to wait a long while if not never. Temari, Kin, Konan, and Kurotsuchi to name a couple will be slaves. Haku will be hypnotized to be loyal to Naruto along with Mei Terumi, Samui and Karin. Yugito Nii will be shown that her Kage does not care about her and gave her to the Akatsuki with Naruto saving her. Fu of Taki will join Naruto wanting not only revenge against her former village but to be shown love.

Then after Obito has been killed Naruto will go over to the DXD verse and shake things up. Hell he already starts shaking things up before that because he takes all but two of Risers Peerage after beating the stuffing out of him(the only two he leaves alone are Mira because she's loyal to him and is actually happy with what he's done, and Ravel who is actually Naruto's Great, Great, Aunt. Naruto suspects as Riser was using flames to heal much like he could after his 15th birthday.

Then we go to the DBZ universe where we can tamper with more stuff making it Universe 8 rather than 7 meaning Vegeta dies by Krillins' hands Bulma becomes one of Naruto's beloved wives along side 18 and a female 17, names are Lazuli and Sapphire.
1/30/2018 c17 UI Saiyan
Damn man, you have seriously got me hooked with this fic. Everything is so different from the usual normal route that all the other fics use. Its great that not only is Goten main harem protagonist (I dislike fics which have more than one male harem protagonist), but also that you are avoiding all the serious cliches that are abundant in hundreds of fics in this archive.

Keep it up man.
1/27/2018 c31 DarkSaiyan764
I love this so much that I admire your work. For the fight scenes, you should include some funny attacks like when Goku bites Frieza. That will be cool to read from your story.
1/25/2018 c6 thanos bean
Before I continue, let me point out a few errors in your writing.

1. Exclusivity for Relatability.
- There are some details included that really do nothing but hurt the story but creating a cultural divide. Mentioning that Goku and Goten were wearing *polo* shirts and khakis was completely unnecessary and actually excluded some readers, the hardcore fans and those from places were khaki's and polo shirts aren't the norm for formal dinners. Simply mention a "dress shirt and dress pants" next time as specifics don't do it any good. You do this with the food also, mentioning toast and pizza frequently as if they're normal meals. They are normal meals, depending on where you live and grew up in. It's these small, seemingly inconsequential, details that do harm and break immersion as for some it is just out of place.

2. Characters and Their Purpose
- While I enjoy a harem/titty teaser story every once in a while, you need to realize that this is just a gimmick. A story can not survive off of this alone as it is unsustainable, readers will eventually lose interest in this and eventually you'll run through all of your target audience. It's like the infamous saying: "Come for the porn, stay for the story." Don't have everyone in the story be there only to emphasis how amazing Goten is in the scenario you've built. Have someone have nefarious intentions, the bit with Goten letting the girl go shows he has a soft heart - use it against him. Give characters their own motives for doing stuff, motives that move the plot along but still feel sensible.


3. This does not take place before Super...
- Dragon Ball Super and Battle of the Gods occur *before* Trunks and Goten hit their growth spurts. This would have to take place sometime after the events of Super and BoG (Which is no longer officially in the storyline.) in order for it to work - unless you intentionally made it so the cast will be much older when BoG/Super begins.
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