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for When Two Universes Collide

1/1/2018 c6 Omnimania00
I just realized that you can go towards BOTH the SS4 and SSG(SS) route by using simple loophole logic. Now think about it SSGSS is just SS mixed with residual divine ki(holy magic could be a possible substitute) from SSG. And SS4 is a controlled SS-ized_
1/1/2018 c6 Guest
So going by that logic,
12/30/2017 c30 4Ultimate10
Not a bad chapter. Really enjoyed it for the most part

A shame there won't be God forms though. I personally like Super, but everyone has different tastes
12/30/2017 c3 77Reda
yay at least that works out with him helping the team out without having to be a devil. I was wondering how that was gonna go down.

I actually like this ship of Goten/Rias. interested to see where it leads. does this mean Rias won't be all over Issei and he can be cute with Asia? hm... guess I'm off to read more and see what you've come up with!

I hope trunks gets to do more. he's just kinda the friend in the background right now hah
12/30/2017 c2 Reda
holy. shit. I think I'm in love with this. actually knowing both sets of characters and the plot of dxd makes me freak out randomlylike ahhh I was wondering if Goten would save Issei or if anything would change and then! he's there when Rias shows up! and Rias wants him to join! and!

...yeah I'm way more into it now that I've become more familiar with DxD lol

jeez I was actually worried for Issei for a moment too. and she only used two pawns? that's a neat twist.
12/29/2017 c31 Rawrking
Not bad. Could use some more epic fights and curbstomping of shitty devils/arrogant supernatural tossers.
12/29/2017 c21 Rawrking
Finally! A real saiyan fight!
12/28/2017 c2 Rawrking
Lel Rias is such a greedy bitch without an ounce of logic when it matters. As if any devil could reincarnate a saiyan as a devil.
12/26/2017 c31 Ultrainstinct5000
Amazing story !
12/6/2017 c1 7SSJ2 Future Gohan
This story is just...It's absolutely superb. You'd better finish this!
12/5/2017 c31 23BladeKnightmare
Hey maybe Goten and Trunks becomes ssj violet a fusion of ssj God energy and devil energy By a ritual by the 3 fractions but they can't go normal ssj to ssj 3 instead ssj v1 to ssj v3
11/30/2017 c31 3Mysterious Gamer X
How does Diodora know Akeno? Anyways, this is an amazing story. Can't wait to see how it progresses from here.
11/25/2017 c31 BadazzEXE
I'm glad to see that you've updated this story was kinda thinking it was dead and I'm glad I was proven wrong, but as I read I couldn't help but see that theirs almost no conflict, and when I say that I mean that there doesn't seem to be much of a purpose in Goten character being there he's just seems to be there in case the worse case senerio comes to pass and when it does he just solves it with ease, and that's not really interesting to read. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to bash on your story but I really have to point out these flaws as to at least help a fellow author in bettering them selves.

So with that in mind I just want to throw out some ideas of mine to hopefully help develope the story more.

The first thing is conflict on the side of Goten and the Rest of the Z Warriors, as far as you've shown there doesn't seems to be any great threat for them to struggle against and well that's just doesn't give much purpose to there characters being present in the story they basically become become bystanders just commenting once in awhile, to fix this you of course have to introduce a threat that they can struggle against and theirs a lot of villains from DB that can be used but for be the most ideal Villain that would fit in the story would be Demigra the Demon god of time that was sealed away by the supreme Kai of time, he would make for an interesting villain that you can insert into the story slowly hinting at him and then revealing bits of information about him, a type of scenario that would make Goten and the rest think that someone is working against them behind the scenes, with that you can then develop the Highschool DxD characters more allowing them to see the level of threats that Gotens and the rest of his friends have had to face through there life time.

One other thing is Goku's standing in the supernatural side of the world, so in my point of view goku is widely know throughout the supernatural world as a being of incredible power unlike anything seen before but the question is what level of stance does goku's influence have in that world for me it would be cool if he's put in a position where he's compared to the likes of Great Red and Ophis and he would have his own title similar to how Ophis is Infinity and Great Red is Dreams Goku could represented "Ascenention" the prime example of someone who transcended his limits to achieve the fantastic.

Also there's the question of if the gods know or are oblivious of the existence of the Gods of destruction the angles the other universes and freaken Zeno himself I would recommend only a few select people knowing about Beerus and Zeno if only to keep the suspense of disbelief intact.

So those are pretty much my ideas I hope this helps in some ways and if not... I'm sorry?

But anyways I look forward to where you take this, hope to see the next update soon.

(Sorry for any grammer and punctuation errors, wrote this on my phone and well I'm just not all that great at writing yet.)
11/18/2017 c31 wweTheBeast2015
Great and this story was truly worth to read it and love the harem girls fights for goten attention is very sweet and love to see what happens next and finally caught up to where your at and it took me two days to do so and excited for the next chapter and until then?
11/18/2017 c30 wweTheBeast2015
Epic chapter and this story was truly worth reading it and glad to see goten and his harem girls bond deeper and like goten and akeno time as well and love to see goten spend more time with all his harem girls as well.
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