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for When Two Universes Collide

11/18/2017 c5 wweTheBeast2015
Awesome and goten got to see his girls fight was a great sight for him to see as well.
11/18/2017 c4 wweTheBeast2015
Oh man very entertaining and liking rias in bed with goten and love a good harem this be perfect for goten having akeno and Rias and more girls with goten is a Big plus in my book as well.
11/18/2017 c3 wweTheBeast2015
I see and good chapter
11/18/2017 c2 wweTheBeast2015
Incredible chapter
11/18/2017 c1 wweTheBeast2015
Sweet start here and like the first chapter as well and goten meeting Rias and others as well.
11/17/2017 c31 5Okara SSJ
Awesome chapter as always and you should have Goten in the rating games it's always better when he's in and fighting
11/16/2017 c1 1337nateouji
Since you don't want Goten to reach SSJ God and SSJ Blue, have Goten reach SSJ4 then SSJ5. Yeah, for those forms Goten will have to get his tail back, and before anyone says SSJ5 isn't canon, if you look it up, SSJ5 has been the most consistent transformation for a saiyan created by fans. If anyone hates Dragonball GT(which most haters only dislike it because it was made by someone else thats not Akira Toriyama) well this isn't your story. If you're opinion is "Well SSJ4 sucks", idk I think the whole point in unlocking it is cool: a saiyan not losing control of his or her body/mind after accessing SSJ Great Ape, where the saiyan understands their primal mind. They are not just a saiyan and they are not just Great Ape. To fully be one, they must understand and accept the two halves that make them." It's like a Bruce Banner/Incredible HulkJinchuriki/Bijuu relationship. This is a great story, I was just voicing an idea, and do what you thinks best.
11/16/2017 c31 kakarotsanmistic
again awesome chapter Bro keep it up
11/13/2017 c31 El guerrero Goku
good cap and I like that later gotten and trunks have the ssj3, but I think that transformation will not be enough for the future enemies as it fell far behind the god levels, so I hope the young saiyan can go beyond the ssj3.
11/13/2017 c31 3MysticVegito
Awesome chapter bro, i loved it. Seems not everyone approves Rias' relationship with a Saiyan like Goten, well they can suck it :D I loved the scene with Goten, Trunks and Marron, i can see you loved writing that scene. I also really enjoyed how Diodora has no idea who he's dealing with, even though he called Goten a Super Saiyan, this is going to be interesting :)
11/12/2017 c31 1BobaRaptor
Great Chapter! New Rating Games, Diodora, and love rivalries. You sure do pack a lot in one chapter, dont cha? lol/
11/12/2017 c31 4The Azure Reaper
Great chapter! I just have one request.

Please don't kill diodora peerage
11/12/2017 c30 ARSLOTHES
Hope you include a sub harem for girls like Irina, Xenovia, Ravel, Serafall, Sona, and Koneko who genuinely love him
11/12/2017 c31 Wokki
Me encanta tu historia. Te saludo desde Mexico
11/12/2017 c31 3coronadomontes
buen capitulo-good chapter
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