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for When Two Universes Collide

11/18/2017 c18 wweTheBeast2015
Poor goten and its take a lot for him and his girls is going to have to understand that goten native like his dad goku as well.
11/18/2017 c17 wweTheBeast2015
Man this chapter is so funny and entertaining and poor goten been pressured by two hot harem girls and love to see goten have both of them as well.
11/18/2017 c16 wweTheBeast2015
11/18/2017 c15 wweTheBeast2015
MY jaw drop the ground this chapter is really amazing and at last goten has ascended to SS2 as well and love to see goten to master this new SS2 power and go beyond it to SS3 as well?
11/18/2017 c14 wweTheBeast2015
Splendid chapter
11/18/2017 c13 wweTheBeast2015
Entering and great emotionally moment with everybody so incredible and my friend your amazing writer and my hats off to you and just want say I support this story and you as well and very exciting to catch up to where your at as well.
11/18/2017 c12 wweTheBeast2015
11/18/2017 c11 wweTheBeast2015
Exciting and love to see how many more girls be in goten harem and love the goten and rias bonding as well.
11/18/2017 c10 wweTheBeast2015
Sweet and liking their bonding and can't waited to see akeno get her as well with goten and goten spending time with both his harem girls as well.
11/18/2017 c9 wweTheBeast2015
Well amazing is all i can say about the fight and glad to see goten and rias bond grow as well.
11/18/2017 c8 wweTheBeast2015
I'm so excited for this and your story amazing as well
11/18/2017 c7 wweTheBeast2015
Oh ya wow amazing chapter and goten to the rescued one of his harem girlfriends and now training and goten needs to reach a much higher powerful level like SS2 and SS3 and unlock both forms and goten need to become more powerful then he ever being in his life and goten needs this very much? Goten has so much potential he need much greater power and reaching SS2 and SS3 he needs it and that be start as well?
11/18/2017 c6 wweTheBeast2015
Sweet yes put sona apart of goten harem as well and I assumed Rias and akeno is already in it and add reynare as well and sona as well and eager to see who goten gets in his harem.
11/18/2017 c5 wweTheBeast2015
Awesome and goten got to see his girls fight was a great sight for him to see as well.
11/18/2017 c4 wweTheBeast2015
Oh man very entertaining and liking rias in bed with goten and love a good harem this be perfect for goten having akeno and Rias and more girls with goten is a Big plus in my book as well.
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