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for When Two Universes Collide

11/12/2017 c31 3coronadomontes
buen capitulo-good chapter
11/12/2017 c25 5Sntakawa Toki
Lil question though Where was Loki?is his ass gonna appear Anytime soon?Not that he would be a match for the super saiyans, if even Issei was able to beat him. And is Future Trunks gonna appear?
11/12/2017 c31 1kyro11
Great Chapter as Usual,
Awesome to see the Z Fighters kids have moment together,
Oh man, did not expect that from Rias, and Astaroth asking for Akeno?!
I always like chapters like these
Can’t wait to see what is the connection with Akeno and that jerkweed Astaroth
Glad your planning on making Goten and Trunks earn SSj3
11/12/2017 c31 dragonsayianblue
OH HELL NO! Diodora in to SHINTO MIKOS!?. How you want to bet he had Akenos mom fied in a horrific death to get her only to Rias take her first. Also the fight with marron and Rias was funny. Also next DBZ villain should be janemba.
11/12/2017 c31 Blake2020
Great chapter and until the next chapter then.
11/12/2017 c31 Goku Black
Another awesome chapter from my favorite crossover on this site. Anyways I got two questions. Is this story going the GT or super route? And where is Gasper?
11/12/2017 c31 30diamondholder
Great chapter definitely worth the wait
11/12/2017 c1 dragonfox123
Interesting idea and plot and chapter
11/12/2017 c31 5Sntakawa Toki
plus it really sucks that the Saiyans from Universe 6 are suddenly able to transform whenever they want, with the explanation"Funny feeling in the back" That really is weird. Though I like the ultra instinct and SSB Kaioken x10
11/12/2017 c31 Sntakawa Toki
And another awesome chapter of the SuperKameHameHa. Jeez, that chapter was funny and It was fun to see that you changed the relation from Asia and Akeno. I think that everyone that has ever read or saw Highschool dxd could imagine a great scenario. Nice work, keep at it
11/11/2017 c31 ARSLOTHES
Are you going to include the eventual super Saiyan god and blue since it could relate to being able to train up to it
10/29/2017 c30 Guest
I'm seriously loving this fan fic! I pretty much spend read all thirty chapters so far and it's awesome! You've got me addicted! Now I need my fix for chapter 31! Please don't stop!
10/24/2017 c28 Sntakawa Toki
I think it's quite funny to see Goten become the golden Warrior like Gohan was back then. To death 98's comments: Dude, it's a freaking fanfiction. An awesome one to add and I think it makes sense that Sona gets to like Goten, as he defended her and if you think that they are a weird couple, what about Issei and Koneko?She hates perverts and suddenly she throws all caution to the wind and loves him?Dude it ain't makin' sense, but everyone has complaints I guess. Super Kamehameha, yo stories are awesome. Keep up yo nice work and I'm sure that you'll get even more followers soon.
10/10/2017 c30 Jrojas0431
Omg I'm hooked! Now that I'm all caught up, I need my fix of When Universes Two Collide!
9/8/2017 c30 Guest
dragon slayer of death 98 it is clearly obvious in that in chapter 24 Vali is with the Khaos Brigade. The strongest in dxdverse getting beaten by goten and trunks isn't that annoying. If they fight like their fathers than no. If they fight like they did during the whole majin buu stuff than yes. Also Ophis isn't in her prime because she/he (genderless) did loose a portion of its powers. Besides the androids are said to have infinite energy/power and they did get surpassed by the Z fighters. As for great red, who is powered by dreams ,that doesn't mean anything in dragon ball. The majority of characters in dragon ball have strong minds, just look at Majin Vegeta. Besides if getting powers through dreams makes great red a threat to the z fighters in this story, than great red should of been able too destroy 666 in the canon story of highschool dxd. And besides the strongest in dxdverse can get beaten by goten and trunks isn't as annoying as the story of Gohan from the buu saga becoming a Super Saiyan God like nothing with no explanation and he one shots Beerus. I know stupid story, but it is on this site and it honestly should be deleted but anything goes in fan fiction. But at least this author can write a good and enjoyable story. Keep up the good work Super Kamehameha.
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