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3/20/2022 c14 Axccel
Rias isn't making any sense. If there is tension between the factions against the Devils due to her connection to Goten, then A) none of the other two factions would dare threaten the Devils unless they just plain have no comprehension of what even normal saiyans really are or are capable of, or B) Goten helping the Church with a mission would improve relations and help soothe tensions. Which would make Rias being against him helping them utterly nonsensical. Which I also realized in the canon storyline when I read it and saw it in the anime and wondered why this obvious fact didn't occur to her. "Oh noes, we can't help another faction because that would increase tensions between us and them." is utterly stupid and wrong. It was back when I first read it in canon and it still is now.

In other words, the only thing in their group causing problems and increasing the risk of war is Rias herself.
3/20/2022 c12 Axccel
I don't get why Rias is so defensive over not sharing Goten compared to her canon self. Or am I remembering her attitude from canon wrong? I know that the supernatural in DxD considers harems to be normal and monogamy to be weird.

It's amusing how much everyone doesn't realize just how much they're still underestimating Goten and more specifically, saiyans. The average high class devil is possibly weaker than or perhaps equal to the average saiyan *infant*. Judging by the power levels of the Z-Fighters back when Raditz first showed up and what they were capable of back then. It just tickles me how the whole of DxD simply cannot begin to fathom just how outclassed they are by even a baby in terms of raw power.
3/20/2022 c30 LIPAS 108
hey my guy I am new here and read all chapters up to here and will be continuing and I like to ask when will you be making more chapters I enjoy this fanfic my 1 tbh I have heard others but they were okay sad to know Goten won't get god powers but could he get ssj4 then I think that be awsome and hyped and I love the black arc and tournament of power arc with UI Love to see Goku and Goten get those in this fanfic
3/20/2022 c11 Axccel
The Holy Sword Project was meant to study light and the ability to use holy swords. The archbishop in charge took it in a radical direction with child experimentation and murder. The participants and test subjects were massacred by him and his subordinates to try and cover up what they were doing because the Church found out and tried to rescue the kids. Kiba managed to escape in the fighting when the Church launched its assault on the project. I can't remember fully but I think he might have been flat-out rescued by the Church's soldiers and told to flee or something to escape the battle.

Instead, because Rias didn't tell Goten that, Goten thinks the Church was experimenting on and murdering children, when in canon the Church was not doing so and when the Church found out that was happening they went apeshit and tried to save everyone. The opposite of what Goten thinks thanks to Rias basically lying by omission.

I think this was an accident on your part, but the consequences given Goten's power and the fact the Church in DxD is the primary defense of humanity...yeah, pretty important.

That said, I don't remember if Rias even knew about this additional information at this point. I think it may have been Irina or Xenovia who told them when confronted by Issei about what the Holy Sword Project had done and they explained what actually happened.
3/16/2022 c8 Axccel
If you're a dying race, pissing off a saiyan is a good way to finish yourself off. Not even Goten, Gohan, and Goku would give a damn about it. For all that they are merciful and sympathetic, one of their best traits is that if you bring your doom upon yourself, they're not going to hesitate being that doom. Repenting will earn you a second chance from them, but if Goten for example decided the only way to protect Rias was to wipe out all the pureblood devils, he would do so without hesitation or remorse.

Honestly, if things didn't play out the way they did in either canon or fanfics, Rias either would have been cast out for refusing to marry Riser at the altar and thereby embarrassing her House and his (leaving her basically as free pickings for anyone though with her power and friends that probably would be suicidal), or she'd have played a long and then killed herself partly to escape and partly out of sheer spite and hatred.
3/16/2022 c7 Axccel
Wonder if their little time-space bubble can even survive Goten's base power.

While Riser is right about her duty if they marry, he would be a shitty excuse of a husband as he would totally neglect what his own duty to her is as part of the symbiotic relationship that is marriage. Personally, I believe that if one spouse or both violates whatever oath their religion or culture has for marriage, then the marriage is void and the perpetrator should, if there is proof, be punished.
3/16/2022 c6 Axccel
ChiChi...YOU'RE a princess...
Technically, ChiChi is an actual princess whereas Rias is just a noble scion.
3/16/2022 c4 Axccel
I like that ChiChi trusts Goten so much that him saying Rias is good is enough for her to instantly approve. As far as she's concerned, Goten said Rias is alright, therefore it must be true.
3/16/2022 c2 Axccel
Pfft, Rias gives Goten an offer in which he has nothing to gain, would lose his freedom to save whomever he wants whenever he wants, and be subjected to a control spell that Rias can use to force his obedience. Plus what can cause him to mutate into a stray. A stray powerful enough to threaten galaxies.

Yeah, no. That is stupid and she is stupid for even making the offer.

“Oh hey Mr. Overpowered Alien Warrior! Would you like to become my servant in exchange for nothing?” Wow so tempting.
3/16/2022 c1 Axccel
They have no reason to join a peerage and their loyalty is to humanity first and only. Considering how most devils treat humans in DxD, Goten and Trunks would probably just wipe them out. Or at least terrorize them into leaving humans alone. Combined with Gohan’s canonical release of Groundbreaking Science and that basically resulting in humanity becoming a species of badass curbstompers, it’d work out pretty well.
2/20/2022 c4 Guest
Aww, Goten wanting to train again is so nice! Especially with Goku! And imagining him (and Gohan too tbh) wearing Goku’s gi is so satisfying. And I’m glad Chichi’s first interaction with the girls went better than it did for poor videl lmao. And then her calling them perfect wife material, I can’t lol.
Goten getting flustered over Rias and Akeno was adorable too.
The fight scene/training was really well done and fun to read. I like how you incorporated the after image technique, kamehameha and solar flare as well.
Akeno saying Goten looked better with his shirt off and then sag she’s do CPR if he choked made me laugh out loud, I get such a kick out of her.
And I must say, you characterize Goku better than modern dragon ball does lol. You truly know your stuff!
Great job on this! I’m really enjoying it so much
2/20/2022 c3 Guest
Another great chapter, more great lines!
“It’s the worst porno ever, that’s what!” LMAO

The dxd and dbz characters interact so organically and believably while still staying true to their respective works. You really do have a talent with dialogue!
- Lauren
2/19/2022 c2 Guest
Another great chapter!
I like that Goten isn’t outright simping for Rias lol, and that he turned down her offer to become a reasoning was definitely understandable.
I also can’t even tell you have much I appreciate goten and trunk’s interactions. It’s exactly how I’d imagine them to act around each other lol.
you had me wondering if you were going to kill issei off and have Goten take his place, but I’m glad he’s still in the picture!

And Nice authors note!
Your story and I have something in common. I too ignore dragon ball super ;) lol
- Lauren
2/19/2022 c1 Guest
As always, I love all those little details you incorporate when characterizing the members of the Son family, such as chichi making her son a big breakfast, goten eating more than trunks, and him doodling in class lol. Also poor trunks, he definitely would get followed around by girls all day lol. It’s probably nice at first but I’m sure it would get old kinda fast
Goten comparing issei to master roshi after his boob rant, and then telling him “You're gonna get killed one day if you keep that shit up. You know that right?" Cracked me up lmao.

I also loved the line: “The way she carried herself oozed elegance and the mature sexiness of an older woman, but she made it look completely natural. She had brilliant sea-blue eyes with a very pretty face and perfect body.” You described her perfectly
And Chi-Chi’s reaction to Goten talking about Rias was extremely accurate and a nice nod to her calling Videl a hussy back in the day lmao. She’s always so protective of her sons!

I’m loving how you’re tying the two series together so perfectly! You really are a great writer️ can’t wait to see how the story progresses!
2/18/2022 c34 Mhoza
Where is new chapter
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