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for When Two Universes Collide

6/24/2016 c29 Scorez
Love this story, keep up the good work man
6/24/2016 c29 War Historian-Freedom2134
Oh great. I'm still anticipating the asskicking of Diadora Astaroth. Burn motherfucker, burn Motherfucker, Burn!
6/24/2016 c28 Guest
AWESOME!more please!this is amazing!i can't stop reading it!️️️
6/21/2016 c14 BradTheLemon
He said he'll do it by tomorrow
6/21/2016 c5 Heat Dome
Plz upload :(
6/20/2016 c27 ZonZus
A very enjoyable story not gonna lie. There were some moments that bothered me like Rias being introduced 3 times to Trunks and other moments like that were it felt like you forgot certain things but I honestly didn't care in the overall picture. The relationship you portray is much better than some other harems, and much respect for finally putting Goten in the lime light but more often than not give Trunks more time in the lime light. All in all enjoying the ride so far hope you continue to update
6/20/2016 c28 yorman.parrapalacio
espero el siguiente capitulo
6/13/2016 c1 DerpyDumpling
Its been 3 whole months
Im going to die cuz of the waiting yo
Hurry up men
I need this fic in my laifu
6/12/2016 c5 BradTheLemon
Ye future trunks would be pretty rad
6/11/2016 c28 Guest
dude this is amzing work youve done and since you're going to start to put stuff from bragon ball super you think you can put in the futere trunks arc in? Itll be so unbelievably awesome to see the reaction of present trunks and future trunks from a different timeline
6/8/2016 c1 BradTheLemon
Update the story ya tw
5/26/2016 c1 Guest
That may be true
But as I said before
The DBZ characters are OP even in their base form compared to DXDverse in this fic
Adding beerus and ssjgod (even if his power is needed alot) is pushing the limits.
Ya dig?
5/22/2016 c27 genoscyborg
to guest
its true that dbz characters are op af but it's not like you can't just nerf them. think about the one piece, toriko dbz crossover, yamcha could've have easily stomped the monster at the end, but to make it more dramatic/fanserving goku went SSJ3 WITH toriko and luffy's help. it's not a huge deal.
5/21/2016 c28 Guest
When are you gonna add greyfia to the harem
5/21/2016 c28 Super Vegeta
Can you add some team four star in it pleassssssssssssssssse? it would be hilarious!
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