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for When Two Universes Collide

1/20/2022 c1 shaswatpatnayakthewriter26
When is the next chapter of this story coming?...Waiting anxiously...please upload the next chapter... It's too good to be read in a continuous manner...not to be stopped in a cliffhanger
1/1/2022 c34 Godrush
I just remembered this fanfic I missed reading it please bring it back!
12/2/2021 c1 5TheDreamingScorpio
Okay okay okay so first of all the titles for the chapters are absolutely fabulous to say the least, like I can actually see the intro where the dragon balls roll in to stop and then the title shows up, then the flashback to the ending of the Buu era is so grand I'm always... enamored really, like its so active, passive, distant, present at the same time it feels like... yeah okay maybe this is the wording for it, but it feels like witnessing a supernova or the journey through a hyper speed time catapult and then for there to be this gravelling fading silence zooming into the present, like the big bang, it's quite a trip, that one :))

Then oh my God the relatability of it all, the dialogue is just so so organic, it is because of that, that you forget that it is a piece of writing and not a movie, like I can *see* his room, him grimacing, scratching his head, the itchiness of the uniform, i couldn't relate more! Oh and your description for apparel is just so finely tuned, it's magnificent, like you can see the description, love how realistic it is and you understand the fuss over the formalities lol!

Then the breakfast and him leaving, I'm reminded of the earlier description of the day then and this is weird lol, maybe its just me but I'm always feeling the fresh air and a mixture of warmth from leftover drowsiness, nerves and anticipation. And Chi-Chi! I love how she's a mama bear just so concerned and doting and still wanting him to go live, the checklist is so damn relatable its hard to express!

And I know I've said it before but the dialogue and just Goten's internal monologue, everything it all simply paints, like the words are there but its like this sublimatory state, I watch them fully fleshed out, with their little nuisances, things, details that the mind just makes up, the overview of the academy from Goten's eyes , the entrance, the class everything, I can see Trunks' eye-rolls and chuckles and Goten pouting is so natural, their comradery, the pats on his back, ooh and when Rias shows up that's like simply entering a trance like state, like it's so slow motion romance for me like I always go...mhm! oooh and the solid three seconds, I sooo felt them!

Goten's obliviousness is played on so well, that's just like him, and the fact that you don't portray him as dumb but rather someone simply not academically inclined is so so nice, I've always felt that trait of his is often misinterpreted, but you do a beautiful job here.

I like how his nature coverts Issei to change his mind regarding popular guys as well, how he meets up with Trunks later, talks about him but is mindful of his new friendship as well, that's so Goten and the dialogue there is brilliant once again :))

My God and the cafeteria scene, it's a rollercoaster ride the whole way, the piling up always makes me smile, his nonchalant attitude all the more, and when the girls enter... I have never till date been able to read this scene in one go, I'm always dancing to a song first then return back, like I have the stupidest grin on when that happens, my mouth doesn't wanna close then lol, and the thrill from there on, with their questions, the wariness, its so perfectly balanced, like you feel it in the pit of your stomach but its still progressing and in the simple gestures, you feel everyone's emotions at once, even after with so much happening, their talk, talking to the family, Chi-Chi's outburst, you know exactly where everyone stands but the talk in the building always gets me, I'm like :)...*_* all the time, like it dwindles, I'm like she's nice, she's good, I root for them, but... is she? lol
The suspense is very real!

Ooh and... my first proper comment on AO3 was on your fic and same is the case here lol, thats your fun fact haha! But love WTUC from the very core of my heart, makes you keep flipping and repeating :)) !
8/27/2021 c34 Trigon999
Awesome dude when is page 35 coming?
6/15/2021 c1 GloGang214
the evil pieces cant reincarnate poeple stronger than the king. I'm pretty sure goten is way stronger
3/15/2021 c5 Guest
I love it but the one thing that bugs me it’s that all the girls can fly on their own I know it’s suppose to be romantic but it’s every time they fly they do it with hotels help
1/30/2021 c34 GozukuTheLegendaryWarrior
Finally i got to this ending chapter(until you will update it). This is a beautiful story. And idc if my age is smaller then the age you need to really read this story :D
1/16/2021 c1 goten ssj4
12/23/2020 c34 jgonzalezgonzalez283
hi can i post your story
11/25/2020 c34 goten ssj4
11/14/2020 c22 Guest
Man please make a stable relationship for goten only with one girl
10/23/2020 c25 MrSo
Is Ravel bipolar?
10/5/2020 c34 SayianJSM
I think it would be great to see how everyone would react too seeing Goten and Trunks use fusion
9/24/2020 c9 SilentOne1555
Yeah, I can't read this just irritates me how you let that priest who was about to kill issei come on man, even goku wouldn't be that merciful to a villian who kills people for their own also let that girl live who killed issei he needs ateast justice for what she did to him.I wae actually hoping for goten to surpass trunks since you stated his potential is stronger than gohan or anyones.
9/19/2020 c22 me
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