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for When Two Universes Collide

9/14/2020 c3 1Yamajiji
I’m really liking this. Gotten centric stories are rare, and him being in Highschool DxD is a nice twist. I wonder if you’re leveling up the characters from that story so they can hang with DBZ characters, because Goten could take them all on.
8/31/2020 c22 Guest
When’s the next chapter
8/2/2020 c34 LazySpeedster
Haven’t read this story In Awhile But randomly found it again and fell in love with it all over again I hope you update it again one day it’s absolutely amazing.
7/3/2020 c34 1Saiyanwarrior22
I love the story. But I just feel like as a dragon ball story, it needs some more action. The romance isn’t too bad but I just think it should be toned down some. But please continue!
6/14/2020 c34 matt
this is such a great story man! i hope you keep it up and work hard, you seriously have talent, keep it up you got this!
6/1/2020 c34 yasserkend8
Please do continue this story I adore it you have single handedly made the best crossover couple ever in Rias x goten and made me fall for goten x marron too so I have seen some bad reviews on this story but don't let that get you down because there will always be support for this fanfic so I hope you update consistently someday.
5/25/2020 c6 Petrox
stopped reading after this chapter. I can't handle a person that leaves a murderer and tried to kill Issei many times and let him go. I know saiyans are worse letting Freezer go first, letting Vegeta go, letting the androids creation. They just want to fight. I guess they are morally neutral, but a psycho murderer letting go knowing he will do more.. I just can't. Also waiting till night for Asia to follow Canon for no apparent reason I find it lazy writing.
5/13/2020 c22 Guest
What’s wrong with SSJG and ssjblue
5/4/2020 c4 Mideku Brandio
This is just my thoughts by I'd like to see this story go down the dragonball super route. It'd be cool to see the interactions of Sirzechs and Beerus or Zamasu/Goku Black and Azazel. But that's just my opinion, you don't have to listen to me.
4/30/2020 c1 Guest
Asco de historia ascoooooo
4/21/2020 c8 18DoctorWho507
you gonna update?
4/18/2020 c31 p6lishb6kser
Seriously dude this fanfic is great but once again when Marron showed up I skipped 1/3of a chapter... Seriously every interaction between her and others is so bad I'm simply skipping it
4/18/2020 c29 p6lishb6kser
I skipped almost all chapter while your story is really good I'll drop it if I'll read more about Marron
4/18/2020 c28 p6lishb6kser
It was first chapter that I didn't liked Marron is terrible
3/29/2020 c2 User Closed
ok Has Goten swapped at least one chapter for his brain with Issei?

I do not know Dbz enough and even less its characters to pronounce me but this chapter is simply horrible

I want to facepalm at the simple reading of this chapter because you have to be perverted to have your eyes on Rias' Oppais but above all incredibly stupid to swallow the lies of Rias!
it sounds horribly wrong!

as if Goten's brain was plugged into his d ... rather than having a logical and rational reaction!
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