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for Why I'm Arthur

7/17/2018 c1 Guest
Do you like Hannah Montana and Caillou? If so, read this story:


It's a Hannah Montana and Caillou crossover called Miley Meets Caillou. I hipe you like it.
11/15/2015 c2 Guest
this story became weird.
11/15/2015 c1 Guest
interesting read, but arthur's dad is david, dave is his grandfather.
5/12/2015 c1 Guest
Besides this being far beyond terrible, you grammar is a lot worse.
12/27/2014 c2 33JC Rose
yes arthur is produced in canada this is why i got confused as to why they used america as the base for the show. Marc brown is from canada isn't he?
12/27/2014 c1 JC Rose
I like your story but i have found also that the arthur community find abuse/sex/drugs etc in arthur stories a little too much as many arthur fan fics are G rated BUT I like dark stories so this is good to me. I write teenage arthur stories :-) keep writing its good
10/1/2014 c2 37BlackNeko20
i love how spicy you made thora. i bet she'd be like that more often if arthur wasn't a kids show.
i had no idea the voice actor for haney died. it makes me sad, but i'm glad i know. thanks for throwing that into your notes.
i like your addition of the new vice-principal too.
10/1/2014 c1 BlackNeko20
nice piece. i wish he was nicer to arthur but you explain it well. can't way to see the next chapters.
9/23/2014 c3 54TheUltimateCombo
Oh snap.

Wow, I never thought that Elwood City would be, specieist? Good story so far.
9/23/2014 c1 Avengers Task Force
Sounds like Arthur the Grandpa is like a dark secret David hides.
9/14/2014 c2 43TimmyTurnerFan
Good story. My favorite part was Jane telling Thora to watch her language. I agree with Jane. Too bad Arthur repeated that.

I said my first bad word when I was 2 and right after my great grandfather said it! And I actually remember that! I thought swearing was fun, now I hate it and cannot do it without regret.
9/14/2014 c1 TimmyTurnerFan
Nice story so far. I am wondering what really happened to David's father and Jane's mother.

So sad Arthur's paternal grandfather hit him. OUCH! Poor Arthur.
9/9/2014 c1 54TheUltimateCombo
Interesting. You could update this. I want to see more.
9/8/2014 c1 364Chrys-DASL
I meant to review this earlier but the wifi here is pretty awful at times.

Wow, you definitely gave a good explanation as to why we never see Arthur's great-grandfather. I didn't really like what he did, but it happens with adults sometimes. Good piece and good luck with any fan fictions you do for Arthur in the future.
9/5/2014 c1 18Darren1138
This is getting interesting so far. Great attempt on the 1st chapter
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