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for Harry Potter and the Endless Night

8/26 c4 18Otsutsuki no Yami
Another lost cause, a wonderful story only to be ruined by a worthless character like Ron and hermione fucking shits.
8/6 c7 1Rhyn3
i love it!
7/28 c7 2stokesy.pete01
7/4 c7 8multyfangirl21
Lol, is Severus hunting down deatheaters? Oh my gosh, he is. And a Lilly as his calling card. He's hunting down those who had part of killing his lost love.
Looks like all of Harry's friends are getting hired into the Hellsing organization.
Speaking of Werewolves it's going to be very different if Ramus gets to teach DAtD
I KNEW IT! I knew it! Littlefinger is Wormtail!
LOL pounding on the table from how hard I'm laughing. You had Hermione give the elder Malfoy one of the worst things to happen short of it killing him.
I'll be very much looking forward to reading the next chapter.
7/3 c6 multyfangirl21
Ah so Severus isn't dead.
Oh poor Hermione. Perhaps she'll be taken in by Integra or the Weasleys?

I really hope you'll go into ms Pinkstone's past , she's such a mystery.
7/3 c5 multyfangirl21
I can't help but wonder where Snape is, but one possibility that comes to mind is that he died from heartbreak.
7/2 c4 multyfangirl21
The poor cows.
You made Ron a Hufflepuff so the school rivalry won't get too much in the way.
7/2 c3 multyfangirl21
LOL, young Integra's threats against the minster.
7/2 c2 multyfangirl21
Oh the wizarding world won't know what to make of Harry.
7/1 c1 multyfangirl21
Lol, the crimson F***er.
5/28 c7 3Foxy-Floof

This was pure cocaine. And it was delicious.

Cocaine's a hell of a drug
-Rick James
4/12 c7 2Derich
... Now that what happens when you turn the badassery and madness of every protagonist up to 11.

(oh and it is rare to find an ultra-competent non-jerk Snape, and I love your version :D )
3/20 c7 5SamuelthegreatOO
I really hope that you, eventually, continue this.
3/6 c7 1Lord Pegel
Oh please let there be more, so much more! This is what a Hellsing/HP crossover should be!
2/26 c7 CosmicPenquin
great chapter for a great story, now we just need a continuation
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