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10/12 c1 vchow342
This story was amazing it made me laugh and it was also extremely sad. Most importantly I love the way you depict there interactions and how funny and wholesome it is.
7/25 c18 Miss Keisha
No matter how many times AI read it, this chapter always has me bawling.
Gods, I love Leo...
7/25 c13 Miss Keisha
7/20 c16 NightFyl
This writing style is very unique and the fact that your able to get away with it shows just how amazing a writer you are
6/22 c25 weirdly14
I haven't cried this much in years. What is this. You have destroyed me I am going to spend the rest of the day crying. This is so well written and good. You should write a novel.
6/13 c10 latra68
man, that was a great move mama. way to beat the kid down.
6/3 c26 Guest
I'm literally sobbing rn tbh I'm so mad at you. But the story was amazing and you're an incredible author. I kinda wish you'd developed some of the characters better and pipers relationship with them (ex hazel) but other than that it was amazing
5/21 c25 4lulu0917
I usually don't cry when I read books, no matter how sad they are, but this one made me tear up. A lot. I really loved this story, keep up the good work )
5/6 c25 1Piper Mclean 250
4/26 c5 Green-Silver-Ravenclaw
I cried
3/26 c11 A person
Those songs are both ones my parents used to sing to me when I was little. This brings back memories.
1/9 c26 IAmUnicorn
This was sosoooo good. I laughed cried and sobbed. Sigh, I need a life
1/9 c26 Guest
I love u but I hate u at the same time. all I can say is u r an amazing writer, extremely talented and gifted.
11/9/2019 c1 Guest
Written amazingly and despite the fact I have read this doc over 3 times, it never ceases to make me cry. Please continue to write your amazing stories.
10/3/2019 c26 Nic
First of, I apologize as you, as the author are probably in college considering how long ago you started writing this. But I also wanted to stay that years later, your stories are still amazing and they can still make kids my age who've just finished the HoO and PJO franchise fall in love with them. This is my first review, so I have no idea how you are even going to see this, but I sincerely hope that you do. I love this fanfiction, and you are an amazing writer. This fanfiction helped me understand death and friendship a lot better, so thank you. If you are in college, I wonder what course you are doing. Are you doing literature? If you are I am glad as you write amazingly. I understand that you will not be able to respond to my questions, but please, do the world a favour and keep writing, even just as a hobby. You could just show them to family and friends, but please do not stop writing your beautiful stories.
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