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for Is It Worth It?

5/7/2017 c1 29BloodiedCoreOfHope
Deep. Beautiful. I like it! Keep making stuff like this, it really works out well for you :)
8/31/2016 c1 71Claude le noctambule
Nice character study. It's so hard to find story about the poor inspector and its grayish feelings toward his prey... Well done...
10/21/2015 c1 12Kneoria
This is a rather interesting introspection
10/4/2015 c1 1Encryption System
Awesome. Definitely awesome. One of the best shorts I've ever read. That includes officially published books. Your style is amazing, and you captured Nakamori-keibu's personality pretty much on point (a little more yelling and swearing, and it would've been perfect) and I hope you write more!

9/15/2014 c1 51Abe Lincoln Lover
Just wow
And many more comments that have no words available to express them
I literally am at a loss
2,559 words, and I'M at a loss
i'm amazed

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