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5/12 c63 Cknsw
Reread number…lost count. Thank you i love this story and Edward so much.
12/14/2023 c28 Rose1816
Professor stands no chance lol i love it ! Hahaha
11/26/2023 c2 bozbaby
Soooo I read the story in a funky way: end to beginning. Different. I’ve read it regularly several times, but I was looking for a couple of specific parts throughout the story. I was all over the place, but eventually found them. Figured I’d read the last epilogue/outtake, then the next-to-last, then the next and so on. Novel way to read a story and a different experience. Fun, too!
11/13/2023 c63 Teamrob2
10/20/2023 c37 5spidermonkey321
I've read this story a gazillion times and it always makes me sad here. I'm not usually one to cry but tonight I'm crying so hard my eyes burn. Maybe bc now I know what grief is like I can emphasize. It's truly sad to be reminded how fragile life is
10/17/2023 c6 Raffapa
Amei esse capítulo hahaha
Morri na parte da Hermione hahahahah
10/2/2023 c29 7Marliarna
Came to Twilight because I was looking for a post-Potter fix. The Entertainment Weekly article on the books and upcoming movie looked interesting, so I gave it a try. Did not expect to find how much I had in common with Bella even though I hadn't been 17 for a very long time.
10/1/2023 c19 Marliarna
Betting that Hedi spills the beans about the pregnancy all over the media!
10/1/2023 c8 Marliarna
I'm hoping Colin didn't put holes in Edward's condoms...
9/30/2023 c6 Marliarna
Musical instruments and lessons for kids in schools that don't have access to either! Music should not be "Pay to Play
8/28/2023 c62 NB13
I love this story, it's beautiful <3
8/27/2023 c37 NB13
this chapter makes me cry every damn time
8/7/2023 c63 Guest
Training camp re-reread complete!
7/5/2023 c63 Lorena Ferreira
Me emocionei muito com esse capítulo e todos os outros essa história é simplesmente incrível, você tem uma escrita maravilhosa. sentirei saudades de todos, até um próximo dia.
6/1/2023 c1 1cocoapurl
Chapter 21 had me laughing so hard. Edward is a nut! He's going to tackle this pregnancy thing like he does football. It's so endearing and naive. They're so young. At 21 I wouldn't have been able to handle all this that's being thrown at them irl.
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