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for Getting Blitzed

8/28 c62 NB13
I love this story, it's beautiful <3
8/27 c37 NB13
this chapter makes me cry every damn time
8/7 c63 Guest
Training camp re-reread complete!
7/5 c63 Lorena Ferreira
Me emocionei muito com esse capítulo e todos os outros essa história é simplesmente incrível, você tem uma escrita maravilhosa. sentirei saudades de todos, até um próximo dia.
6/1 c1 1cocoapurl
Chapter 21 had me laughing so hard. Edward is a nut! He's going to tackle this pregnancy thing like he does football. It's so endearing and naive. They're so young. At 21 I wouldn't have been able to handle all this that's being thrown at them irl.
4/18 c63 1SherieHearts
Loved this entire story. Binged both in about 5 days. Amazing work!
4/7 c63 Elliemae5290
Thank you so much for this fantastic sequel! I usually read a couple of chapters into most sequels and find the storylines less interesting after Edward and Bella are a sure thing. However, you kept the story funny, engaging and full of heart. Adore this Edward and his love for his family. Really great story!
2/23 c63 Kksmum
Totally awesome. Loved it all. Very entertaining.
2/15 c10 cllaporte
Love your references to FSU, lived there during the Casey Weldon days (in fact our oldest son was named per my husband!) Really enjoy your writing.
11/15/2022 c63 1Escapee2FF
always come back to these 2! love it. so glad you never wrote in Raimbows demise.
11/12/2022 c63 noname1001
I thought this whole story cute but there was one thing that stuck out to me and bugged. You say Edward is in undergrad and graduates at 21 with an mba. Umm MBA stands for Masters in business administration and is a two year program that comes after a 4 year bachelors degree.
Later on you say Chelsea graduated with an MBA in business administration and a degree in accounting. While some students get accounting degrees prior to the MBA, you wouldn’t get an MBA in business administration as that’s literally what the BA in MBA stand for.
10/9/2022 c63 2lola-cullen-salvatore
This is yhe third time I read this story and it never fails to make me smile, laugh and cry. Love your stories.
9/24/2022 c63 4Halo221
I missed this outtake when it was first posted, but it sure was fun to get to read it today! I miss these characters so much and it's so lovely to be able to come back and see how well they're all doing. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and hard work with us! 3
8/31/2022 c63 WordsMusicMagic
Le sigh... so good. I just love Reed Girl and Champ. He's not quite cockyback anymore. I love that you kept rainbow in the picture too. So sweet. I'm going to miss these characters. Thank you for your incredible contributions to the fandom and for making us laugh and smile. Also, fellow football gal here and just loved the game day highlights. Way to suck us right into the stadium!
8/30/2022 c37 WordsMusicMagic
I'm not crying, you are. Ugh!
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