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6/4 c37 Jillgrab
You weren’t kidding with the tissue warning. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so sad from a single chapter. You wrote it beautifully.
6/4 c21 Jillgrab
This was really sweet. A completely different side to Edward taking care of her.
6/3 c13 Jillgrab
I kind of wish this photo shoot had been longer. It’s so good! I kept giggling while reading. So funny!
6/3 c3 Jillgrab
I love that you included my alma mater in this! So shocked to see Oklahoma State pop up here. Definitely never thought you’d use them over OU or even an Oklahoma team at all.
5/1 c13 wolfkitty1103
Rainbow is great! I laughed so hard I was in tears!
4/16 c63 BlueKarou79
Wow, both those stories were amazing. I have been on this site a long time and have run across SC and GB many times but never read them because I am not a football fan. I'm glad I gave them a chance because you did a great job. I'm still not a football fan, but from the little I know it seems like you could be a sports writer or commentator. You certain wrote about something close to your heart and your passion shows.

Thanks for writing.
4/15 c63 Oingo Boingos
Loved the story from beginning to end! Seeing the transformations the characters went through was amazing.
2/17 c63 13arthemys
I loved this awesome sequel! Though Edward is such an overbearing protective Dad that it's a wonder Bella didn't send him in the doghouse more often... she's such a patient angel with him! But I loved it from beginning to end. They're an awesome family, and I enjoyed the writing style and the many funny moments! Thanks a lot!
2/1 c63 Teresa R
I love you and I am so glad I am going back in time
2/1 c61 Teresa R
a man just like her daddy lol she will tame him lol
2/1 c60 Teresa R
poor kid lol but I was the one being embarrassed by my 17-year-old I am scared lol
2/1 c59 Teresa R
so darn cute
1/31 c58 Teresa R
what else can a girl ask for in big brothers love it
1/31 c57 Teresa R
so darn cute
1/31 c56 Teresa R
cutest kids ever
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