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10/27 c20 BaberKhan
The ending was perfect. What can be a more fitting end than for the Mirror of Erised to act like a normal mirror.
10/22 c21 The ginger heir
The Trailers were the best part about this hands down, the first one had me in tears and cackling and the second actually made me wish it were legit.
10/22 c20 Granger 4 DL2020
This was all highly amusing and I simply could not stop reading! Despite that when you really think about it this all sort of sad, the end was sort of bittersweet, he finally got what he wanted and was happy but wasn't able to recognize it and will continue to live his life in his insanity which while highly amusing during the story is interesting to ponder now that I've reached the end of it. I'm happy we got to find out what became of evryone. But it also just showed that Harry will never stop living in delusions. That talk with Hermione really brought my attention to this. Despite all that Harry is Happy, he's achieved that one thing that he's always wanted. Or well the thing that Tom riddle always wanted, be the DADA teacher and live at hogwarts but in a way this is also evrything Harry could have wanted friends, independence from the dursleys, a place in the magical world, a purpose... And while we got this chapter hearing Harry's thoughts once again it's well Harry thinks the exact same way he did during his years at hogwarts, during the story. His friends evryone else grew up but he didn't. Sure Hermione and Ron went along with his crazyness and didn't question him or criticise his decisions until their later hogwarts years in 7th they were just down right sick of him. But now they're adults. I wonder how they see Harry, how they feel about him, they likely think he's bonkers and must constantly question him whenever they think about him. With how Hermione just played along with how he thought she was a dark lady when in reality she was a politician. Just how much of what he thinks is true its justs I find it a bit morbid to think about. Especially when Lunas last guess on what was wrong with Harry actually was true and is the reason he's the way he is. Extremely well written story, you deserve the house cup this year.
10/20 c2 guest
This fanfic is absolutely ridiculous... and I'm in love with it.
10/20 c1 guest
This is AWESOME. I can already tell I'm going to love it.
10/15 c7 Resurrection99
God I love this.
10/12 c20 Guest
This is great. And I love the “it was only a mirror now” thing. He really isn’t so ambitious, is he?
10/12 c18 Guest
Lol. The Malfoy hair. It’s great.
10/12 c9 Guest
Lol. It’s like the saying where someone (Voldemort) says, what would Harry do? Whenever he’s in a bad situation.
10/12 c8 Guest
Lol. Voldemort is so great.
10/12 c5 Guest
Lol. Hermione, just like Tom Riddle. This is great.
10/12 c2 Guest
Lol. “For returning a pet.”
10/12 c1 Guest
Tis is great. Voldemort is a wonderful guy.
10/1 c1 Guest
I hope you're happy; recent events have caused this story to completely replace the original story in my head.
10/1 c6 Guest
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