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for Seventh Horcrux

5/13 c21 DAWAAAGH
what a ride
4/23 c3 Nriddle
Very enjoyable I laugh quite a lot reading it
4/20 c1 Guest
4/22 c5 1SecretWyvern
fucking lmao, just lmao
4/18 c1 2TheOnePotatoToRuleThemAll
this is exactly my flavor crack taking itself too seriously, and in such enforcing its will to not be a crack story.
4/16 c1 Amaniel
I'm only at the first chapter and I'm already dead :) Thank you for this story !
4/17 c1 stapletapewormsonmypenis
Excellent fic! I only wish you'd done more with Lucius. He's so fucking incompetent even in canon lmao. It's a shane we missed him in 2nd year, I was looking forward to the realization that the diary had *somehow* made it's way into Hogwarts.
4/13 c21 Xiaou Nem
What a ride! This is such a good take on canon.
4/12 c15 Othello John
4/7 c20 1AstraInclinant010
I've reread Seventh Horcrux so many times and I still find it hysterically funny each time. Amazing job writing this. Thank you so much for sharing it :)
4/2 c18 2EJHowell
That point about parselmouth actually makes perfect sense.
3/26 c3 Guest
This is weird. Seeing Harry like this.
3/26 c2 Guest
"Cool head in the face of fire"?
More like "For not dieting in the face of fire"

"Mustering the courage to fly"?
More like "She successfully didn't Die"
3/23 c20 9Wonders and Madness
This was a beautiful story
3/23 c3 Wonders and Madness
Oh god I love this so much. Voldeharry is hilarious
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