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for Seventh Horcrux

7/15 c20 15Ryuu842
You ruined this by making it Hinny.
7/2 c1 Binge Reader
That was a great start. Voldemort sounds like your average jobless fresh-graduates
6/30 c22 2Nogard1218
This story is absolutely hilarious. Muat reccomend to anyone and everyone!
6/27 c22 joubertcornelia60
Loved the fic, enjoyed it so much I need more stuff like this.
5/24 c8 Jasnrob
Loving the snarky humor of your Harry/Tom. Enjoying your story.
5/18 c22 garvit.bansal234
great book, a must read
5/9 c16 2Zasha the Cat
Im sorry, have his eyes been red this entire time? How could i not notice. Did you do this on purpose because that is hilarious
5/4 c20 Dot1warner
Lol, very funny
5/1 c1 Tbone696
Still a great story on re-re-reread!
4/28 c20 a2i9
Oh my God. I have read this fic like 10 times, it is one the absolute greatest, and only now do I realise... He's taking or giving points based on the behaviour and what house's traits it shows. Now that is so brilliant, I love it so much.
4/25 c10 Marvelesque1Der
Rereading this and I can't stop laughing.
4/23 c4 dogpenis012
still love this story authoe
4/23 c4 dogpenis012
FabledLife your explaination was really good awesome it helped in clearing away my confusion.
3/29 c10 Nimbus2023
Harry's solution to the spinning room was one I always wondered about. If they don't close any of the doors then the room won't spin, but I have never seen it used in a story so kudos for that.
3/29 c6 Nimbus2023
Does his name coming out twice mean he has to do each task twice?
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