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for Seventh Horcrux

10h c20 freesayan
one one best & weird fan-fic.
9/5 c22 Gabrienn
A great work of art. One of the few fanfics (not just HP fanfics) where the humour and jokes didn't feel forced, and there was actual continuity and quality character development. Overall, niceeeeee.
8/20 c22 Tonks7777777
That was funny! Thank you!
8/13 c20 Guest
The ending was beautiful. Harry seeing only himself in the mirror because all his wishes came true hahha
8/6 c5 Theif Lupin
So because hermione is a good student and gets good grades she can become a GOD of TIME in order to do more classes basically allowing two versions of herself running around
8/6 c2 9Architect Of Endless Worlds
‘Never too Immortal’
Laughs in Son Wukong.
7/29 c1 33BlaiseGellert
So funny and well written and best of all or perhaps most terrifying, makes Voldemort more likable. LOL!
7/21 c21 Sw0rdS0ng
Dear sir or madame,
Your story is absolutely insane.
I love it.
7/9 c2 15candy girl 98
Voldemort: oh so Harry can kill a teacher but I kill a teacher I'mcrazyandunhingedmake up your minds!?
6/28 c22 Mr.E
I've gotta say, I love this fic!
Voldemort Harry is halarious, and Ron and Hermione's efforts to keep him on the straight and narrow are great.
Thanks for writing and sharing it.
6/18 c3 Tweet
6/7 c20 62Stormshadow13
The story was hilarious! I loved it!
5/30 c21 Cadlington
This was a fucking treat. I only wish you had gone a little more depth into the events on the years - some of these got a single chapter, and then it was on to the next. Your characterization was so fun, I wish we had more time with this cast.
5/22 c1 Guest
I love this fic so much its so funny!

I had a tough week at work and reading this on my breaks really brightened my day! Thank you~
5/17 c20 2jayemm161
This is the best fanfic that I have ever read , every time I read it , I laugh my head off. It’s hilarious and insightful and the ending is simply superb. You’re a brilliant writer and you should be really proud of you’re work.
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